Wasting money! NHS big salary office jobs shamed as frontline workers shunned

Richard Tice: Tory MPs may defect over Boris' party scandals

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Reform UK leader Richard Tice, 57, took to social media to rip into NHS big salary office jobs. Mr Tice, who finished in a respectable third-place in December’s Old Bexley & Sidcup by-election, told his 123,000 Twitter followers: “More NHS money being wasted on big salary back office jobs not frontline care.”

The ex-Brexit Party chairman also attached a screenshot of roles listed under the NHS’ head of sustainability and net zero section.

Three roles were advertised.

The first, at South West House in Taunton, indicated the successful applicant would receive an annual salary between £93,735 and £108,075.

A senior net zero delivery lead role was also advertised in Somerset’s county town for £65,664 to £75,874.

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A third position, hoping to bring a net zero delivery manager to Skipton House in London, put the wage between £47,126 and £53,219.

Further roles have been shared on the Greener NHS Twitter account, including a £54,223 to £60,316 per annum role as a sustainability manager for London Ambulance at Waterloo.

In comparison, research from the Royal College of Nursing suggests the average salary for a nurse stands somewhere between £33,000 and £35,000.

According to the NHS website, all three roles will be paid more than doctors who started their specialist training in 2021, a point in their medical careers in which the basic salary is between £39,467 and £53,077.

Under the leadership of Nigel Farage, also 57, the Brexit Party said it “believes in continued investment in the NHS, better management, increasing the number of medical staff and cutting waste”.

Mr Farage and Mr Tice’s ‘contract with the people’, a manifesto which both men signed, also issued a call to “abolish all politically imposed hospital targets that distort clinical priorities”.

But Mr Tice, who was once tipped as a potential Conservative candidate for London Mayor, has also voiced concern about Britain’s stance on net zero altogether.

Writing for Express.co.uk about the Government’s green policy in November, the co-founder of Leave Means Leave said: “The truth is that it is net stupid, not net zero.”

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He added: “Let’s have a referendum on net zero.”

However, a petition to hold a referendum on the UK’s 2050 net zero target received just 21,920 signatures.

In response, the Government said: “National referendums are a mechanism to endorse major constitutional change; debates about national policy are best determined through Parliamentary democracy and the holding of elections.”

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