US voters WANT departing Prime Minister in the White House – new poll

Boris Johnson's reputation in America discussed by Basham

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The monthly Democracy Institute/ tracker poll has revealed Mr Johnson is now more than twice as popular as the second most liked leader, French President Emmanuel Macron with 35 percent to 17 percent. The findings have led supporters to brand the MPs who forced Mr Johnson as an “international embarrassment”.

The poll findings represent a 4 percent increase on last month when 31 percent said Mr Johnson was their preferred ideal foreign leader to replace the increasingly unpopular Joe Biden.

The surge in support for the New York born outgoing Prime Minister who is qualified to run for the White House comes despite international coverage of his forced departure from Downing Street.

It also comes as a campaign to get Mr Johnson on the ballot for members and bring him back has been gathering steam all summer.

Former Tory treasurer Lord Cruddas, who has led the Bring Back Boris campaign, said the US polling confirmed Tory MPs had made a terrible mistake in forcing the Prime Minister out of office over issues such as Partygate.

He said: “In this US poll Boris Johnson has come out on top as the most popular world leader on 35 percent, twice as popular as Macron who is on 17 percent.

“Also, Conservative Party members polled Boris as their preferred leader with around 55 percent of the vote with both Sunak and Truss polling less than that combined!

“The way Boris Johnson was constructively removed by a small cabal of MPs without referral to the party members whilst being the world’s most popular leader is anti-democratic and an embarrassment for this country on the world stage.”

The Democracy Institute polled 1,500 likely US voters on August 30 and September 1 with their findings showing that, worryingly, Russian President Vladimir Putin is the joint third most popular world leader with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on 15 percent.

Joint last are China’s Xi Jingping and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on 9 percent.

But it means, concerningly, that almost a quarter of US voters, according to the poll, are attracted to two of the world’s most authoritarian leaders from Russia and China.

Meanwhile, the desire to replace President Biden appears to be increasing as the US prepares for the crucial midterm elections.

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Two thirds of US voters (66 percent) do not believe that Biden will be reelected in two years time.

With an expected comeback from Donald Trump, the poll suggests that a rerun of the 2020 election would see the result reversed with Biden on 43 percent compared to 48 percent for his opponent.

With the US locked in a cost of living crisis, 42 percent of Americans liken Biden’s presidency to a clown car at the bottom end compared to a mere 10 percent a Ferrari at the top end.

There is also some buyers’ remorse from 2020 with 56 percent now agreeing that Trump’s presidency was better than Biden’s.

Crucially, Mr Biden is seen to be failing on the economy which is the number one issue for Americans.

Almost two thirds (64 percent) think his handling of the economy is poor.

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