Uproar as Labour MP shares picture branding Brexit supporters thick

Iceland director reveals staff shortages due to 'pingdemic'

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His tweet, which has since been deleted, caused upset among Brexiteers for implying that those who voted to leave the EU are “thick”.  The image showed near-empty shelves in a supermarket with a series of photoshopped signs blaming Brexit. One sign read: “Brexit caused this. All other Covid affected countries have plenty of stock.”

A second was inscribed with the message: “You thick ts. Probably voted Conservative too, huh?”

And a third said: “If you voted for Brexit you can f off out of here.”

The opposition MP came under fierce fire for his misleading photo.

One man questioned why “Labour wonders why people don’t support them anymore” if this is how their politicians behave on social media.

A second said his tweet was an insult to his Brexit-supporting constituents.

The Welsh constituency voted Leave by 57.3 percent.

The person said: “What he thinks of his constituents…..”

And yet a third critic said: “Hasn’t anyone else considered the ping track and trace app affecting delivery drivers being able to distribute?”

And a fourth addressed the MP directly, saying: “Dear Chris, the reason for some empty shelves, is because of huge staff shortages because of the NHS app with people isolating at the food depots which supply the supermarkets.

“There is no food shortage, they are operating with minimum staff. Hope that helps.”

Another said it has become obvious in recent weeks that the food shortages blighting the supply chain had “nothing to do with Brexit” but down to issues with drivers and shelf packers having to isolate.

After the backlash erupted, Mr Bryant hastily deleted the tweet and issued an apology.

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He said: “My profound apologies.

“I hadn’t spotted the appalling language and I’ve removed my RT. Again, I apologise.”

His fellow Labour MP Karl Turner was also criticised by some Brexiteers for blaming Brexit for fruit and vegetable shortages in the UK.

The MP for Kingston upon Hull East posted side by side snaps of empty shelves in a British store and a fully stocked fruit and veg section in a European country.

He said: “Anybody know why the fruit and veg sections of supermarkets here in the UK are empty as opposed to those in the European Union?”

One man dubbed his message “fake news”, adding: “I have been in two supermarkets today in Burnley. Fruit and veg shelves overflowing.”

However, some Remainers pointed the finger at Brexit, with one saying: “I can only think of Brexit but that answer seems too obvious to most thinking people but not to the govt.”

Tesco, Lidl and Sainsbury’s have said a lack of HGV drivers is affecting them.

Tesco said the shortage is creating 48 tonnes of food waste each week as fresh goods destined for its stores are being left to rot.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take action on the HGV driver shortage.

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