UK fishing boss warns over future trade wars with France A lot of flammable material!

UK-France fishing row still has ‘flammable material’ says Deas

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The Chief Executive of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations has warned future divergence from European Union trade regulations could see further disputes with France in the future. Relations between Paris and London have broken down in recent weeks over fishing arrangements with Emmanuel Macron’s resorting to making extraordinary threats against UK trawlers and the Channel Islands.

Mr Deas told BBC News: I think the French on their side, believe that what had been achieved at Christmas time was the status quo, and it’s not the status quo.

“There are things like licences have to be based on evidence of having fished within the six to 12-mile limits, historically,

“And we do have regulatory autonomy, we’re no longer in the Common Fisheries Policy and over time, we will see, I think we will see divergence.

“There’s also big issues to do with tonnage limits on non-quota stocks, there’s still a lot of flammable material around but on the other hand, there’s a legal and moral obligation on both sides to work collaboratively to manage our fisheries sustainably. So these two things I think, are our intention at the moment.”

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It comes a day after fishing industry chief Jimmy Buchan demanded the EU sort out the licence arrangement row between the UK and France.

Jimmy Buchan told GB News that the French and Mr Macron should not be placing threats on coastal Scottish businesses and urged France to take up any issues they had with the EU officials who had agreed to the terms of the Brexit deal with the UK instead.

Mr Buchan told GB News: “The point that we’ve got to discuss right now is the French pontificating against the UK putting threats there, I think it’s needless.

“If the French have got an issue with the deal that was agreed and they should take it up directly with the Commission and not out threats on our businesses here in Scotland, who are trying to support communities and the fishermen at sea.


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He added: “It does appear that if anyone should be aggrieved it should be the UK exporters because we have got to do all the cumbersome work of the extra paperwork.

“And those who are importing into the UK can put goods into the UK as they were before Brexit happened. 

“So then we’re currently operating in an unfair street which seems to be a one-way street.

“And yet here we have the French kicking off and threatening to, restrict access and to the EU market.

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Now again, I keep saying if the French have aggrieved at this, they should take this up with the Commission and not put threats in our way.”

He added: “The fact of the matter is there was an agreement and we have got to work with agreement whilst we should with calm heads, get on the table and sort out any differences that we have, but putting threats and trying to restrict business opportunities I do not think is the way to sort this out.”

It came as Environment Secretary George Eustice welcomed moves by Emmanuel Macron’s Government in Paris to de-escalate tensions in the row over fishing rights post Brexit.

France has mellowed the rhetoric over the fishing licence row in the Channel Islands and announced no new reprisals will be launched while renewed negotiations look to find a compromise. 

The Environment welcomed the French u-turn and told Sky News’s Kay Burley the UK had always acted in good faith.

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