Tube strikes: Sadiq Khan ordered to get back to talks table to get unions to comply

Sadiq Khan ordered to 'get back to talks table' to get unions to comply

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London minister Paul Scully said the Rail has demanded that London Mayor Sadiq Khan returns to negotiations with transport unions over the reinstatement of the Night Tube. The Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) has organised a walkout of tube staff in an escalating dispute over the new service. Mr Scully told LBC that the Mayor of Londons should not go back on moves to reinstate the night tube.

He said: “It’s totally unreasonable. I think we need to get back to the table but the man needs to get back to the table with those unions and TfL to thrash this out.

“Because no, he shouldn’t reverse his decision to look at the night tube.

“The night tube is a boon for London as we start to open up again but it’s importantly, it’s vital to give people confidence…of the safety and security about moving around London late at night, especially workers.

“Not just people that are actually enjoying hospitality in the other areas that we’ve just been talking about but workers that are maybe late work as night workers…gives them security and safety to move around town.”

On Mr Khan’s leadership as mayor, he added: “He’s good at politics, he’s not good at leadership.

“What we need as a strong leader in London at the moment that’s tackling these industrial relations that’s making sure we can keep Londoners moving.”

Members of RMT will walk out on Friday and Saturday evenings from this weekend on the Central and Victoria lines in a dispute over rosters.

The action is set to continue on weekend evenings until June, with passengers urged to check before they travel and use buses to complete journeys.

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London Underground said new rosters included assurances that there will be no job cuts, the option of permanent work for those on part-time contracts, and only scheduling up to four night shift weekends per year.

LU managing director Andy Lord said: “We’re disappointed that once again the RMT is continuing to push for strike action that is likely to cause further unnecessary disruption.

“We’re calling on the RMT to join us for talks so we can work together to resolve this dispute around roster changes, which mean no job losses and greater flexibility for drivers.

“If these six months of action do go ahead, we will continue to operate as regular a service as possible. However, customers are advised to check before they travel and use buses to complete their journeys where required.

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“I apologise to them for the impact this unnecessary action will have on their journeys.”

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: “If London Underground and the mayor thought this fight for progressive and family-friendly working practices was going away they need to think again.

“RMT has repeatedly put forward cost-neutral proposals that would repair the damage unleashed by deleting 200 driver posts and which would dig LU out of this mess.

“They have ignored us and that approach will have severe consequences for Londoners through to the summer.”

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