Tory MPs brand Starmer hypocrite over Corbyn and Labour antisemitism

Starmer says Corbyn won’t stand for Labour at general election

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Tory MPs have warned Sir Keir Starmer that he cannot escape the fact that he tried to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister just over three years ago and told the country he was “100 percent” behind the then-leader at the time. It comes as Sir Keir told a specially convened conference yesterday that Corbyn would not be allowed to stand as a Labour MP again because of the antisemitism under his leadership describing them as “dark days for the party”.

Sir Keir, who is now facing a challenge from Corbyn over his ban from standing as a Labour candidate again, was also mocked by Tory MPs led by deputy chairman Lee Anderson.

In a Tweet, Mr Anderson described the Labour leader as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” while posting a video of Starmer defiantly defending the former Labour leader ahead of the 2019 election.

In it, Starmer says: “I am 100 percent behind Jeremy Corbyn.”

Another clip shows him saying: “I am working with Jeremy Corbyn to try and win the next general election.”

Yet another one of a speech by Sir Keir shows him telling activists in 2019: “Don’t trash the last four years because what Jeremy Corbyn brought to this party, he made us an anti-austerity party which stood against cuts.”

A fourth clip from an interview shows Andrew Marr quoting former Labour MP Lousie Ellman saying Corbyn iis “not only a danger to the Labour Party but the entire British Jewish community.”

Starmer responded: “I don’t accept that.”

In his Tweet, Mr Anderson asked: “How can you be 100% behind someone then take the Whip from him? Some people will say owt to get into power.”

At a press conference yesterday called to discuss the problems of antisemitism in the Corbyn era, Sir Keir said: “Let me be very clear about that: Jeremy Corbyn will not stand for Labour at the next general election, as a Labour Party candidate.

“What I said about the party changing, I meant, and we are not going back, and that is why Jeremy Corbyn will not stand as a Labour candidate at the next general election.”

Sir Keir said that anti-semitism is “an evil” and “no political party that cultivates it deserves to hold power”.

He went on: “Today is an important moment in the history of the Labour Party.

“It’s taken many, many months of hard work and humility to get here.

“It’s meant rebuilding trust, not just with the Jewish community but with all those who were rightly appalled by the culture of the party and the previous leadership.

“When I became leader, I said I would turn Labour around and give it back to the British people and the most important and urgent part of that was tearing out antisemitism by its roots.

“Antisemitism is an evil and no political party that cultivates it deserves to hold power.”

But has been told that Labour members who have made antisemitic remarks are still allowed to remain inthe party and represent it as councillors.

Tory MP for Bassetlaw Brendan Clarke-Smith has complained that local Labour councillors compared the Conservative Government to Adolf Hitler’s SS in 2021.

Bassetlaw District Councillors reacted to a social media post shared by Momentum activist Ian Ampleford joking about the Nazi paramilitary group.

The left-winger said he has been banned from posting in an online local community group after he “made an innocent post comparing the Tories to the SS”.

He added: “I would like to take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly to anyone who voted for a German military organisation at the last general election.”


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Claire Plevin, councillor for the ward of East Retford North, “liked” the Facebook post.

East Retford West Councillor Jim Anderson went further, joking in a message responding to Mr Ampleford’s post: “I’m not sure posed that you’ve been blackshirted (is that the right expression?).

He added: “Surely most self-respecting SS thinkers would be appalled at being linked in such a way.”

This post was liked by the then Labour Mayor Garry Clarkson.

The councllors were condemned by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism and later apologised.

But Mr Clarke-Smith claims they should have been thrown out of the party and argues that the counciol deputy leader Jo White, who is the candidate against him at the next election and wife of the government’s antisemitism tsar Lord Mann, should have taken tougher action herself.

He alsohad occured under Starmer’s leadership and were a sign that the issues still are not being dealt with properly.

Mr Clarke-Smith said: “The experience in my own constituency shows that Starmer and Labour have not really learnt the lessons of the Corbyn era.

“They are only playing lip service to tackling antisemitism. We have to remember that just three years ag Starmer was 100 percent behind Corbyn and trying to make him Prime Minister when he knew about all these problems.

“His actions now are hypocritical and driven by a desire for power but he cannot rewrite history that easily.”

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