Take control of ALL markets! Brexiteer fury erupts at EU over damaging deal

Bernard Jenking speaks on the Northern Ireland Protocol

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Since January 1, the UK has had to abide by EU regulations to send goods to Northern Ireland, with its customs border located in the Irish Sea. After a war of words between the UK and EU, the bloc is presenting concessions to ease the issues with the Northern Ireland Protocol.

John Redwood, Tory MP for Wokingham in Berkshire, took to Twitter to skewer the EU for the Protocol.

He said: “So now the EU accepts it has been disrupting and diverting GB to NI trade and should relax a bit.

“Time for the UK to take control of all trade within our internal market.

“The Protocol is damaging and wrong.”

Mr Redwood later added: “Big global companies short of computer chips.

“Brazil short of coffee. China short of electricity.

“Shipping rates through the roof. World gas prices very high.

“Doubtless some will blame Brexit!”

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The EU is set to offer to remove a majority of post-Brexit checks on British goods entering Northern Ireland.

Up to 50 percent of customs checks on goods entering Northern Ireland would be lifted, as well as more than half the checks on meat and plants being abandoned.

Maroš Šefčovič, the EU’s Brexit commissioner, will detail more on the bloc’s proposals on Wednesday despite France’s opposition.

He will also add the proposals are not being tabled on a “take it or leave it” basis, and emphasise he recognises the Protocol has not worked well enough.

It also comes after Lord David Frost said on Tuesday it would be a “historic misjudgment” if the EU did not consider overhauling the Northern Ireland Protocol.

He said: “It doesn’t seem unreasonable to us to look at an agreement again if it is obviously not doing what it was designed to achieve.

“For the EU now to say the Protocol, drawn up in extreme haste, at this time of great uncertainty can never be improved upon when it is so self-evidently causing such difficult problems will be historic misjudgment.

“We always sign treaties and in good faith and intend to implement them. I hope that’s a given.”

However, Mr Šefčovič and Lord Frost are at odds over demands the European court of justice (ECJ) loses its role as the arbiter of EU law being applied in Northern Ireland.

Mr Šefčovič has not included any proposal on the role of the EU court in his offer.

EU sources told The Guardian there was shock in Brussels at how the issue had become an apparent UK red line in recent days.

Lord Frost said on Tuesday: “The role of the ECJ and the EU institutions in Northern Ireland create a situation where there appears to be no discretion about how provisions in the protocol are implemented.

“The commission’s decision to launch infraction proceedings against us earlier this year at the very first sign of disagreement shows why these arrangements won’t work in practice.”

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