Sturgeon in crisis as Truss poised to cripple never ending indepedence dream

Liz Truss slammed for 'ignore' Sturgeon comment by Purkiss

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Earlier this week, Liz Truss ruled out a second independence referendum if she becomes Prime Minister. Previously, Boris Johnson had said “now is not the time” for a referendum. But Ms Truss, the current favourite to win the leadership race, went further, saying: “Scottish Nationalists accepted that their referendum was a once-in-a-generation opportunity, and I will hold them to that.”

Speaking about Ms Truss’s “decisive” position, Foreign Policy Expert Professor Azeem Ibrahim told “To me it seems quite clear that Liz Truss will more than likely be the next PM.

“The fact she has ruled out a second independence referendum is very clear – unlike anybody else who was entertaining the possibility that there may be a referendum.

“Remember the policy so far has been ‘now is not the right time’, which seems to be arguing that there is the possibility of a referendum.

“The fact that Liz Truss has completely ruled it out is actually very welcome.

“And it clearly indicates that no more political capital will be utilised on this debate.

“There is no appetite to have another one and the focus will be exclusively on much more important issues that resonate with day-to-day Scots.”

He added: “I think the party in Scotland will have to get used to this new reality.

“I think this kind of defensiveness is also indicative of the kind of leader that Liz Truss intends to be when if she assumes office.”

The expert, who was a former foreign policy adviser to the Biden campaign, said that Ms Truss would be the candidate to “overcome the centralisation of power under the SNP”.

He noted that, unlike her rival Rishi Sunak, Ms Truss has Scottish roots, spending “much of her childhood in Paisley”.

Prof Ibrahim also claimed that the Scottish government “is failing”, suggesting that Ms Truss will serve as an effective alternative.

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He said: “Under the SNP, and especially under Nicola Sturgeon, government has largely ceased to occur, at least in Holyrood.

“Instead, both the never-ending campaign for independence and the management of Scotland is centred on Bute House.

“It is an inefficient and unhappy system – imperilling the health and prosperity of Scots, and jeopardising the union both.”

He added: “This is a system whose remedy is both philosophically important to Truss and fundamentally Scottish: the building blocks of which created the economic liberalism and empirical conservatism of Adam Smith and David Hume – the economics which made Scotland great and rich.

“This philosophy can overcome the centralisation of power under the SNP – which resembles the Whig Oligarchy and Old Corruption which reforming conservative politicians in Scotland and Westminster successfully pushed back.”

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