Someones had his wall Tory MP Lee Anderson mocks Labour

Lee Anderson takes part in Ready Steady Cook event

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Tory red wall MP Lee Anderson has posted a picture of his breakfast this morning to prove that people can live cheaply with 30p meals with the cost of living crisis in an apparent trolling of Labour MPs and leftwing campaigners. The former miner who last year took over as chairman of the Blue Collar Conservatism movement has had an ongoing battle with Labour over his claims that people can have tasty nutricious meals for 30p.

Mr Anderson this morning posted a picture of his Tesco own brand version of Weetabix with te words: “Just been asked for proof of a 30p breakfast. There you go.”

He later told “You can get a box of Tesco’s own brand of Weetabix that works out 12p for two biscuits. Milk is £1.65 for 4 pints at Tesco. That means you can have a breakfast for less than 30p.

“If my wife and I can have breakfast for less than 30p each then I am fairly sure that other people can especially if they are on a budget. I just don’t understand why the left are attacking for stating how much a breakfast costs.”

Mr Anderson has become an iconic in the Conservative Party as a former Labour councillor who switched parties over Brexit and because he believed the politics of the left was failing working people.

He has argued that the cost of living crisis can be helped simply by teaching people how to prepare tasty, nutricious meals which he believes can be done for 30p a meal.

He even organised a version of ready, steady, Cook at a school kitchen in his constituency where he and fellow Red Wall Tory MPs Brendan Clarke Smith and Marco Longhi attempted to cook different meals.

The challenge was to prepare meals for a week for a family of five from a budget of £50 which he exceeded by just 24p.

He has questioned whether people really need to use food banks.

The event helped cement his place as a hate figure among Labour uspporters and the left who were already furious about him leaving the party to join the Tories and winning his local seat off them.

Among those who attacked him was the Trussle Trust who run Britain’s biggest network of foodbanks.

The charity said: “Cooking from scratch won’t help families keep the lights on or put food on the table, if they don’t have enough money in their pockets.

“Our research shows that people at food banks had on average just £57 a week to live on after housing costs, and no amount of budget management or cooking classes will make this stretch to cover council tax, energy bills, food and all the other essentials we all need to get by.”

One of those insensed by Mr Anderson was author and anti-food poverty campaigner Jack Monroe.

Monroe said: “You can’t cook meals from scratch with nothing.

“You can’t buy cheap food with nothing. The issue is not ‘skills’, it’s 12 years of Conservative cuts to social support.”


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