SNP smackdown: Gove hits out at independence demands in fiery Commons clash

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Pete Wishart hit out at Michael Gove’s latest update on Brexit trade talks as negotiations have collapsed with the EU. The SNP MP called on the Government to allow Scotland to have a second independence referendum as a no deal Brexit becomes more likely for the UK. But Cabinet minister Michael Gove criticised Mr Wishart for his inappropriate comments.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Wishart said: “Independence is now the settled will of the Scottish people with 58 percent of Scots now in favour.

“Here’s a proposition to the secretary of state, why doesn’t he just go off and get his no deal Brexit if that is what England wants?

“Then in Scotland, we can now secure our independence, what our people want which will allow us to design our own future and European relationship.

“Surely there’s nothing wrong with that? He gets what he wants, we get what we want.

“Will he agree to that at last and say goodbye to his rotten Union and his rotten no deal Brexit?”

In response, Mr Gove said: “As ever I’m in awe of the member of Perth and North Perthshire’s ability to bring so many metaphors together in such a short period in what one can only describe as a car crash of similies.

“The Government according to him is wearing seven veils and clown shoes while also shifting goalposts. I’d love to see that circus performance but I suspect that I will have to wait because the SNP conference has been cancelled this year.”

Mr Gove added: “He refers disparagingly to this deal as a Mongolian deal.

“I don’t know what Mongolia has ever done to offend the people of Scotland but we in the UK value our friendship with the people of Ulan Bator and others.

“We certainly don’t believe that this looking down on other peoples and other nations is appropriate.

“It may be appropriate for the SNP supporters but for those of us who believe in the union, we believe in friendships among all nations.”

It comes as support for Scottish independence has increased to 58 percent, a new poll suggests, continuing an upward trend in recent months.


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The new survey of 1,045 people by Ipsos MORI for STV is the latest in a line of polls showing a steady uptick in support for independence over the past six months.

When undecided voters are removed, as has been the case in past polls, 58 percent were in support of leaving the UK.

Surveys by a number of pollsters over the summer and early autumn have shown a shift to majority support for independence.

Before removing undecided voters, support for independence remained strong at 55 percent, with 39 percent against and 6 percent saying they do not know.

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