Sick of her! Angela Rayner shamed for Tory Scum attack as MP gets badge made in honour

Angela Rayner brutally shamed for 'Tory Scum' attack

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The MP for Bishop Auckland revealed how she became so “sick” of the Deputy Labour leader thinking it was acceptable to call Prime Minister Boris Johnson a “racist”, “homophobic” and “Tory scum” that the badge had to be made in honour of Ms Rayner as she condemned normalising such language in politics.

Ms Davison slammed: “I get so sick of some of the derogatory language that she used about politicians but particularly about anyone on the right, about Conservatives and I want to reclaim it!

“If you want to call me Tory scum that is absolutely fine! I’m a Conservative, I am proud to be a Conservative!”

She added: “And besides, Angela Rayner assured us that scum is a jovial comment that you would make towards one of your friends.

“So clearly it was a compliment all along!” 

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Ms Davison added how she would not be surprised if there were more MP’s donning the badge at the conference in Manchester over the next few days.

The brutal backfire follows Ms Rayner’s comments where she slammed Mr Johnson at a fringe event at her party’s conference last weekend.

Speaking at the event, Ms Rayner hammered: “We cannot get any worse than a bunch of scum, homophobic…

“Racist, misogynistic, absolute vile, banana republic, vile, nasty, Etonian … piece of scum.”

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She added that she had “held back a little” with the comments which have sparked furious calls for her to apologise.

But the Deputy Labour leader has vowed that will only happen when Mr Johnson apologises for comments made about LGBTQ+ and BAME communities.

Ms Rayner has now been accused by Sarah Atherton, Conservative MP for Wrexham that she “fuelled online abuse” and “normalised harassment” when she made the comments. 

She told the Sunday Express that she was shocked by the comments made by Ms Rayner and warned that it will only add to fuel a toxic culture in politics where women MPs in particular have been targeted with threats and abuse.

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Ms Atherton said: “When an MP cannot go to their own conference because of abuse from their own party, or when one must quit an online platform as a result of the abuse they have received.

“We must all, the Shadow Deputy Prime Minister included, be aware of the language we are using in public debate and ensure it is appropriate.”

She added: “Comments like those from Angela Rayner only serve to add fuel to the online fire of abuse and trolling, normalising the harassment that many public figures get online.

“Setting us all back by making it seem acceptable when it is not.”

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