Scottish independence: Blow to Boris as poll shows England won’t block Nicola Sturgeon

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Boris Johnson’s attempts to keep the UK united has been dealt a heavy blow in a poll asking Brits what they thought of Scotland leaving the UK. The poll has found the majority of English voters did not care if Scotland becomes independent.

A new poll carried out by The Telegraph asked 1894 adults about their thoughts of Scotland leaving the UK.

The poll by Savanta ComRes found 30 percent of adults said they had no interest in the independence campaign.

While 25 percent actually supported Scottish independence.

This will make for difficult reading for the PM who opposes a second referendum on Scottish independence.

The PM has said it would be “irresponsible and reckless” to hold a second independence referendum, particularly as the UK battles to recover from the Covid pandemic.

The argument for keeping Scotland tied to England appears to be collapsing as only 32 percent said they opposed Scottish independence, this includes the 20 percent of respondents who said they “strongly oppose” it.

Ms Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, told Boris Johnson a second independence referendum is “a matter of when – not if”.

Pollster Chris Hopkins said on the findings: “This poll shows that English voters very much feel as though Scottish independence is a Scottish issue, with just a third off English adults saying they should get a vote in any future referendum, and little appetite for the UK Government providing extra financial incentive to persuade Scotland to stay in the union.”

Although English voters felt indifferent towards Scottish independence the poll found that many felt strongly towards the funding going to Scotland.

A total of 34 percent were against raising financial support to keep Scotland in the UK.

The Barnett formula determines how much money is sent to Scotland and just 26 percent of those polled supporting increasing it.

Just 26 percent supported increasing the Barnett formula, which is the mechanism used to determine Treasury money north of the border.

On the future success of an independent Scotland most thought it would fail.

Some 44 percent said independence would fail, with 31 percent believing Scotland would be weaker alone.

Only 18 percent believed Scotland would be stronger if independent from the UK.

Although many believe Scottish independence is destined to fail, this poll has shown that those south of the border are indifferent to Scottish independence.

Most believe that independence is a matter for Scotland as when asked whether the English public should be given a say on Scotland’s independence, 32 percent said yes while 44 percent said no.

So far the UK government has refused to allow another independence vote, but with Ms Sturgeon’s campaign gaining ground in Scotland and little opposition south of the border a referendum could be imminent.

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