Remainers hang on every syllable Britons furious after Cummings hits out over Boris pic

Peter Bone says Cummings has been 'discredited'

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Today saw the long-awaited release of Sue Gray’s report into lockdown rule breaking at Number 10. As expected, the Conservative Party mostly said it was now time to move on from ‘Partygate’ and onto the bigger issues of state, while Labour doubled down on its call for the Prime Minister to resign.

As photos emerged earlier this week showing Mr Johnson raising a glass with colleagues in November 2020, Tory MPs rushed to his defence, insisting, in Peter Bone’s words: “The Prime Minister thought it was a works event. The Met Police thought it was a works event.

“Therefore it was a works event.”

But the Prime Minister’s former aide insisted the MP was being “thick” and highlighted in a post on Twitter: “The MET has NOT said it was a ‘work event’, they’ve FINED officials cos they’ve defined the event as UNLAWFUL.

“That’s why the whole of SW1 is asking: why didn’t MET fine [the Prime Minister] given a) MET defined it unlawful & b) photo proves [Mr Johnson] there drinking?” readers said that either way, Mr Cummings’s tweets were simply feeding the appetite of Remainers who continue to work to reverse Brexit.

Mīnōtaurus wrote: “Funny how the Remainers hang on every syllable of what Cummings says.

“Tells its own story.”

Cilfan2 wrote that the former aide’s “vengeful personal motives assist the vengeful motives of those who have not forgiven Boris Johnson for facilitating Brexit…

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“Remove him at your peril the electorate will remember this witch hunt.”

Labourareuseless added: “It is just Remainers who hate Boris for turning them into losers and the fact that Labour are so useless they have nobody to vote for, and nobody with a cat in hells chance of winning an election.”

Tory peer Daniel Moylan also said today, ahead of the release of Ms Gray’s report, that Britons should expect Rejoiners to apply pressure on Mr Johnson to resign because of their frustrations over Brexit.

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He wrote in a post on Twitter: “With Boris Johnson poised to suspend the operation of the Northern Ireland Protocol – the EU’s great hope for keeping the UK in permanent regulatory subjection – expect a furious last effort by Rejoiners to oust the PM today.

“This is not about lockdown.” reader GetItUpYe, on the other hand, insisted that Mr Johnson had not properly delivered Brexit and so deserved the continued criticism from Mr Cummings.

They wrote: “Mixed conclusions I must admit but one is, serves you right Boris for no really doing Brexit.”

The Government is facing backlash over its failure to date to rip up the Protocol, despite having threatened for some time to do so.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has told MPs legislation is now being drafted that could resolve the issues of the post-Brexit deal, but she stressed the Government’s “preference” was for the UK to reach a “negotiated solution” with Brussels.

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