Remainer coalition: Lib Dems’ Ed Davey vows to plot with Starmer to oust Boris Johnson

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Mr Davey attacked the Tory Party claiming they are now too “right-wing” to work with during the next general election in 2024. He insisted the Lib Dems will be working tactically with the Opposition party to defeat the Prime Minister.

Speaking to Business Insider, Mr Davey said: “They’re far too right-wing and I don’t want anything to do with them.”

Mr Davey believes there is “animosity” towards his party due to the David Cameron and Nick Clegg coalition Government in 2010 and has rejected any future deals with the Tories.

The interim Lib Dem leader said: “I’m an anti-Conservative politician and I’ve fought them all my life.

“I wouldn’t ask Liberal Democrats to agree to an arrangement with the Conservative Party.”

Although he also ruled out a pact with Labour, Mr Davey believes Lib Dem voters would back the Labour leader in key seats.

He continued: “It’s in their interest for us to beat the Tories and we can beat them in a whole range of seats.

“We are second to the Conservatives in 80.

“Starmer will know that he needs us to beat the Tories.

“Why would he have a go at us? He’s a smart guy. He’s really smart.

“The right-wing got its act together on tactical voting in the last election while the centre-left, progressive parties just messed it up.

“If we can reverse that, we can defeat the Tories – and that’s what I’m about.”

Mr Davey previously attacked Brexit claiming whatever Mr Johnson’s plan is, it is going to be bad for the country.

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Last year, he said: “It’s completely legitimate for a party like the Lib Dems to point out the complexities and contradictions involved.

“We want to make the case that Brexit is still going to be bad for the country, even if he has got a mandate to proceed with it.

“Our job is to speak for the people who voted for us and for the 48 per cent who voted to remain in the EU.

“Fifty-two per cent plus of those who voted in the general election voted for parties which didn’t want Johnson’s Brexit to happen.”

While Shadow Brexit Secretary, Mr Starmer also claimed there would not be a deal that is as good as the deal the UK had with the EU.

He told Politico last year: “I personally think it’s better to campaign for Remain and that’s what I’ve said.

“I don’t think there is a deal that’s going to be as good as the deal we’ve got.”

During the 2019 general election, the Labour Party – under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership – saw its worst defeat since 1935.

Long-standing Labour seats in the so-called ‘red wall’ in the north of England voted out the Opposition party and voted Conservative instead.

Mr Corbyn stepped down as leader of the Labour Party and Mr Starmer replaced him.

Since taking over as leader, Mr Starmer has seen a surge of popularity votes due to his quick and decisive action on certain matters.

He was highly praised for quickly sacking former Shadow Education secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey after she tweeted an article with anti-Semitic comments.

In a new poll released today, Mr Starmer was storming ahead in winning over voters thanks to what they see as his competency, strong leadership and tough negotiating skills.

The Labour leader was considered more competent than the Prime Minister and, even considered a safer pair of hands to negotiate Britain’s Brexit with the EU.

The pollsters interviewed the public then calculated a score based on their response and the figures are an embarrassment for Mr Johnson as they show the Labour leader with a score of 28 for political competence compared to the Prime Minister’s score of -4.

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