Rejoiner moaning about lack of EU funding told it was Britains not the blocs

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The Government last week announced its funding plans for regions across the UK. Critics have argued this does not come close to matching the levels of funding that were distributed before Britons voted to leave the EU.

Author Nick Tyrone, took particular issue with Government funding for Cornwall, which he described as another example of a “Brexit promise broken”.

He wrote in a piece on Twitter: “If Britain had remained in the EU, Cornwall would have got £300million over the next three years in structural funding.

“Instead, the UK Government is giving Cornwall £132million, ie £168million less than if we’d Remained.”

Mr Tyrone, writer of the “This Week in Brexitland” blog, added: “Another Brexit promise broken and another example of how we’re worse off out.”

Other social media users were quick to suggest the new funding plans were, however, far more suitable than those which were implemented under Brussels’s watch.

Gary Turner wrote: “OUR money is clearly being used elsewhere where it’s needed.

“Just to clarify Nick, it’s wasn’t the EU’s money, it was ours that was distributed without any input from the UK.

“I would say it’s a Brexit bonus! We have regained control of where our money goes.”

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Peter wrote: “Was it the European Union’s money to give in the first place?

“Still do not understand what a NET contributor is, I see!”

Corrine Allen added: “The EU would have given Cornwall nothing. The EU has no money of its own, it gets it from the member countries.

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“Some were winners getting more back than they paid in unfortunately we were a major loser, getting back far less than we contributed.

“So we can now decide where it goes.”

For CSense, Mr Tyrone’s argument on funding was “pointless”.

They wrote: “Firstly where did a lot of the money come from?

“Secondly is it possible that the UK Government is spending money in areas the EU wouldn’t allocate our money?”

Andrew was much of the same view, noting: “The point is that we get to decide where and on what we spend our money. It’s a big plus.”

Responding to new funding proposals, John Swinney of the SNP said the figures amounted to “another broken Tory Brexit promise”.

Welsh Economy Minister Vaughan Gething added it demonstrated a failure of the ‘levelling up’ agenda.

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