Red tape cut Wine dealer highlights money Brits can save on imports amid price raise

Brexit: Wine connoisseur on cutting of 'red tape' tests

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Speaking to GB News’ Nigel Farage, Mr Corbett explained how the cutting of potential red tape placed on wine by the British Government has saved Brits spending more for their vino. The wine merchant explained how the Government have decided to scrap earmarked post-Brexit wine checks on wine imports, which involve wine tests to check for acidity on each import, which could have made bottles of wine 10-15p more expensive for Brits. He said the U-turn by the government to not go ahead with the VI-1 certificates was good news for both merchants and consumers, saving Britons around £130 million.

Mr Farage said how the move is a “Farage dream” of cutting red tape.

But Mr Corbett explained how the move was in fact a U-turn on the British Government’s behalf, not the EU.

He said: “It was the British Government that actually said that we needed to have these tests done in the first place.

“Not the Europeans.”

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He explained how going ahead with the tests on wine would have resulted in a “cost added” to imports.

The wine merchant stressed: “For the small independent wine merchants this would have been a huge burden to bear.

“And for importers, they would have paid for these tests which are around £300 per-bottle, per-wine, per-vintage.”

He warned Brits have dodged a bullet of going through the expensive process “every year” of the red tape which the UK government has avoided applying to goods.

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Mr Corbett said: “It looked like a rather nasty tale was going to unwind which was going to add 10-15p to a bottle of wine.

“And now it’s not – which is very good news!”

The wine merchant added: “The red tape that was coming our way was going to look mind-blowingly difficult – more red tape is not good news for us!”

The move will see remove the requirement for VI-1 certificates on all imports of wine into Great Britain, which means savings of over £130 million for consumers and businesses.


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The Government argued: “The move will take away a significant burden on our wine trade, the second largest in the world in value terms. Industry analysis suggests that VI-1 certificates add 10p to every bottle of imported wine.”

While Food and Drink Minister Victoria Prentis said: “The British wine industry has increasingly delivered fantastic wines at great value from all around the world.

“Cutting this needless red tape will place our businesses in a stronger position internationally, as they continue to grow, while consumers can raise a glass to great wine from around the world.

“Great Britain is already a global hub in the international wine trade, supporting many jobs across the country. Ending the requirement for import certificates will strengthen this position and is a clear benefit of now having the freedom to determine our own rules.”

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