Police say reported threats against anonymous Lauren Boebert source are unfounded

Claims from an anonymous source — working to oust U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert — that they were threatened at a Glenwood Springs health spa were unfounded, police say.

That source, who previously told The Denver Post they fear retaliation from Boebert and her supporters, has been working with American Muckrakers, a political action committee trying to unseat the far-right Republican congresswoman.

Alongside David Wheeler, who heads American Muckrakers, the source reported to Glenwood Springs police on June 20 that they were threatened by a man who approached them, asked about politics and indicated that he knew where the source lived. But after police began to investigate, the story began to unravel, documents from the department show.

Some of the information the source provided police was “inaccurate and misleading,” according to a Glenwood Springs police report.

During the investigation police contacted the source for more information and they “admitted (they) may have confused some of the details” and “also admitted that the male had not stated that he knew where (they) lived, only that he thought (they) might be from the general area,” the report says.

The source also admitted that they “may have become a little paranoid due to her affiliation with the political activist group run by Wheeler, and all the threats they had been receiving,” the report continues.

No audio was available on video surveillance footage, the report says.

“It is unknown what was said, but it appears that the conversation may have been a little heated based on body language,” the report says.

After the encounter the source left the spa’s hot tub area and the man in question left shortly after, the report says.

“The harassment accusation was determined to be unfounded,” the report says. “The incident is considered closed.”

The determination by investigators further taints a recent slew of uncorroborated and salacious claims raised by American Muckrakers.

The incident arose just days before Tuesday’s primary election in which Boebert, of Silt, defeated a challenge from Republican state Sen. Don Coram, of Montrose. Wheeler’s committee continues to share information, mostly through anonymous sources, in an attempt to damage Boebert’s campaign. The congresswoman also threatened to sue Wheeler over his work.

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