Opened Pandoras box! Coveney and EU blamed for worsening tensions in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland: Tensions 'extremely dangerous' says Bryson

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Anti-Protocol campaigner Jamie Bryson has blamed the actions of the European Union and the Irish Government for the worsening tensions in Northern Ireland. Protests have been held over the past months by unionists and loyalists who are angered by the implementation of the Northern Ireland protocol which they argue threatens the Union with Great Britain. The roe has seen power-sharing at Stormont grind to a halt.

Mr Bryson told “People like me and other people were warning two and a half years ago, three years ago when the Irish Government went to the European Union and started using the threat of IRA bombs, for political leverage, people like me, were saying be very careful here.

“Because you’re going to set a precedent and if you set up a precedent which says the threat of violence pays.

“So if you threaten IRA bombs bonds and the result of that is you get rewarded by a protocol, which subjugates Northern Ireland, then it’s natural that unionists.

“Loyalists rightly or wrongly, I’m not taking a position on it, but is natural that loyalists will look at that and say, well, if that type of behaviour is good enough to prevent a land border, why should that not be good enough to get rid of the sea border, as well?

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“So these people created this they opened Pandora’s box,” he added.

“Now, nobody wants to see violence of any sort whatsoever but the people who open Pandora’s Box need to take responsibility for their actions in terms of the situation that they have created in Northern Ireland.

“There is no indication from the EU, Simon Coveney, Leo Varadkar that they’re in any way minded to take responsibility for their actions.

“In fact, the more likely probably to double down on it.”

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This week Mr Coveney, speaking on RTE radio, was asked about the possibility of the UK Government taking unilateral action against the Northern Ireland Protocol.

On the eve of the Assembly Elections in Northern Ireland on Wednesday night, Secretary of State Brandon Lewis indicated that a move against the protocol is unlikely to feature in the Queen’s Speech.

Mr Coveney said: “My job and the job of the British Government and the job of the European Commission is to try to find a way of settling the protocol issue.”

He said he spoke directly to Mr Lewis about the issue.

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British governments will have to work together to help restore powersharing.

“If the British Government were to unilaterally set aside parts of the protocol, it would cause significant problems, not only in Northern Ireland and Dublin but also across the European Union.”

But he stressed that the Irish and British governments will have to work together to help restore powersharing.

“This isn’t going to be easy and agreements like this don’t come quickly, as we know in Northern Ireland.”

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