No longer proud to be British Veteran slams Liz Truss over economy

Liz Truss questioned by British Army veteran on 'hope' for the future

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Liz Truss broke her silence on the cost of living crisis following criticism of Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget last week. Veteran Sophia hit out at the new Prime Minister over the tax cuts. Speaking to BBC Radio Leeds, she said: “I would ask the Prime Minister when will I ever feel hope again? I feel I will never own a home, I feel I will never feel comfortable.

“I feel I can’t get a secure job.

“I’m a British Army veteran and I’m no longer proud to be British.”

Host Rima Ahmed replied: “Sophia, I’m so sorry for that’s the way that you feel.

“Thank you so much for getting in touch.”

More to follow…

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