Nigel Farage SHOULD be honoured for ‘services to EU exit’ – ‘He’s the man of the Century!’

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Former Business Secretary and South Northamptonshire MP Andrea Leadsom, who has been made a Dame, and Oliver Lewis, a stalwart of the Vote Leave campaign, who has been awarded a CBE, are among those honoured.

An poll – which ran from 8.30am to 8pm today – asked: “Should Nigel Farage be honoured for ‘services to EU exit’?”

Out of 12,865 votes, 93 percent (11,879) of people said the former Brexit Party leader should be honoured.

Just seven percent (937) said he should not while 49 people said they don’t know.

One reader said: “Farage is the man of the CENTURY.

“I don’t think he’s bothered one way or the other.”

Another person added: “To be fair he campaigned for over 20 years as leader of UKIP to get us out of the EU before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon.

“So if it’s about dedication then like it or not he deserves it.”

A third reader said: “He was and is a Patriot.

“More than can be said for many that sit in the H of L’s.”

Someone else urged Boris Johnson to allow Mr Farage to “take charge” of negotiating with Brussels.

They said: “Our PM, Carrie, should insist Nigel takes charge of negotiating with Brussels.

“He knows how to deal with these little toerags and yes he should get honours.”

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Another reader simply said: “He deserves it, and it will wind up the remainiacs.. win win.”

A sixth person commented: “The political elite of the UK may not want to honour Sir Nigel Farage.

“But the Majority of the UK already know he is probably the only British politician who deserves to be knighted and known as Sir.

“Thank you, Sir Nigel Farage for leading us to freedom and out of dictatorship.”

Another echoed: “Yes Nigel is a Sir in waiting.

“He should definitely be honoured. In addition, those in the media particularly the BBC, who mocked and belittled his ambition on the Brexit campaign should go down on one knee and apologise.

“Nigel, thank you for all your hard work, so sadly unrecognised now, for getting us free to be a Sovereign nation again.”

While someone else wrote: “Farage is arguably the politician of his era.

“He has contributed more to the future direction of this country in the past decade than all of the weak-willed chinless wonders in any of the main parties.”

A ninth person said: “Yes! Yes! and Yes again.

“Forget all the Tory ministers it was Nigel Farage that made Brexit happen and therein lies the real reason he will never get the honours he so rightly deserves.

“The others were just pretenders, Johnson included.”

Alexandra Phillips, one of 29 Brexit Party candidates who were elected to the European Parliament in 2019, took to Twitter to highlight what she saw as a glaring omission.

She tweeted: “Lot of honours for ‘Services to EU Exit’.

“Funny I don’t know one of them, given I worked for 13 years with people who sacrificed livelihoods, suffered abuse but worked tirelessly for a dream for decades.

“I guess being employed by Boris matters, not being, say, Nigel Farage et al.”

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