Nicola Sturgeon warned indyref2 argument has changed A lot of homework to do

IndyRef2: John Curtice says that there’s ‘a lot of homework to do’

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Polling guru Sir John Curtice has warned Nicola Sturgeon a lot has changed since the 2014 Scottish independence referendum due to Brexit. He insisted the SNP leader has a lot of homework to do to win back supporters in a second vote. Speaking to George Galloway on RT, Sir John said: “The truth is that an awful lot has changed since 2014 on both sides, both nationalist and unionist have an awful lot of homework to do to work out what their arguments are going to be for and against independence in a world that have been changed by Brexit.

“Brexit has certainly changed the character’s support for independence.

“One of the ironies of the 2014 referendum as although we spent hours arguing about whether or not an independent Scotland could be a continuing member of the EU, attitudes towards the EU proved to be utterly unrelated to whether or not people voted for independence.

“Those days are over as a consequence of Brexit, people who want to be inside the EU, it’s now very clearly a majority who want independence but Leave voters in contrast, support for independence has fallen away.

“Brexit and independence have become intertwined but Brexit has changed the arguments.

“There’s going to be an argument about what dod you do about the single market given that an independent Scotland would want to rejoin the EU.

“Equally, how do unionists argue that it’s better for Scotland to be in a relatively small single market which is the UK as opposed to being in a much bigger single market which is the EU.”

His comments come as David Mundell MP has hit out at Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP for the continued Scottish independence rhetoric for the past seven years.

He explained that the 2014 referendum had hoped to settle the issue.

IndyRef2: Curtice warns vote would be 'gamble' for Sturgeon

Speaking to, Mr Mundell said: “People thought we were having a referendum in 2014 on the basis that it would settle the issue and then we wouldn’t be talking about it again.

“As Nicola Sturgeon signed up to, we would respect the result whichever way it went.

“Instead that hasn’t been the case.

“We’ve had seven years of just going on and on and on about it.


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“Many people that I speak to are completely and utterly fed up.”

It comes as the Government in an independent Scotland could have to consider either tax rises or spending cuts “before too long” no matter which currency option was adopted after the leaving the UK, a think tank has warned.

The Institute for Government published new reports looking at the currency and borrowing options that could be available, should Scotland become independent.

But the paper on currency stated: “Whichever currency option an independent Scotland adopted, before too long it would probably have to run tighter fiscal policy than the position that Scotland would be likely to inherit on day one.”

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