Nicola Sturgeon LIVE: FM to make announcement TODAY after immediate peril warning

Scottish MP questions call for further covid restrictions in Scotland

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Speculation has mounted that the Scottish Government will extend the Covid vaccine passport scheme to include more venues. But businesses fear this could “place thousands of firms and jobs at risk” with a total of 65 percent of companies surveyed by the Scottish Chambers of Commerce against the passport scheme. This comes as Scotland’s chief medical officer Dr Gregor Smith warned that the country was “now in a period of growth of COVID-19 cases again”.


SCC urge Government ‘not to take massive step backwards’

The chief executive of Scotland Chambers of Commerce (SCC) chief has warned restrictions “will act as a painful economic deterrent for businesses”.

Liz Cameron urged the Government “not to take a massive step backwards” which would “place thousands of firms and jobs at risk”.

She added: “It is critical that our economic recovery does not lag behind that of competitors across the globe.

“Going backwards at this stage will put our recovery at risk, create further uncertainty and undermine consumer confidence.”

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