Nicola Sturgeon dealt independence hammer blow: Scots £2,184 better off IN United Kingdom

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While a significant drop from last year’s deficit of 22.7 percent, the latest Government Expenditure & Revenue Scotland report highlights the figure remains far higher than the UK’s deficit of 6.1 perent.

In figures that have been seized upon by Unionists, it also found Scotland benefits from 9.2 percent of UK public expenditure despite generating just eight percent of tax revenues.

Scottish Conservative MSP Liz Smith said: “These new figures underline the huge benefits we all gain from being part of a strong United Kingdom.

“Every single person in Scotland is £2,184 better off because we are part of the United Kingdom.

“The strength and stability of the Union helped us to weather the pandemic, saving thousands of jobs, livelihoods and businesses that would otherwise have been lost – but we are not out of the woods.

“As we head into a global cost-of-living crisis, it is more important than ever that both of Scotland’s governments are 100 percent focused on our recovery.”

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