MPs earn staggering £5.3million in a year from second jobs

Pensioner slams 'appalling' MPs for claiming expenses on parties

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Politicians raked in an eye-watering £5.3million from second jobs in just 12 months. New figures indicate that between October 2021 and September 2022, MPs made a record amount in earnings outside of their full-time job of representing constituents.

The extra cash was made despite the Government vowing to crack down on the practice.

The new data indicated a number of former Cabinet ministers had now taken on part time roles related to their former Governmental briefs.

In June, former Education Secretary Gavin Williamson took on the role of chairman of the advisory board of RTC Education Ltd.

Meanwhile ex-Social Care minister Caroline Dinenage was appointed in March as a non-executive director of LNT Care Developments Group.

Mr Williamson was set to earn £50,000 a year for his extra earnings, while Ms Dinenage earnt a further £30,000.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May was one of the biggest top earners, making a six-figure salary from her extra earnings.

Boris Johnson is also thought to be making significant sums from after-dinner speeches now he has stepped down as Prime Minister.

Of the 129 MPs who made more than £2,000 from outside income over the last year, 86 of them either earned more or the same amount than in the previous year.

Mr Johnson announced plans to clamp down on extra earnings last year when he was still in No10.

He planned to introduce time limits of an earnings cap on outside income in order to ensure MPs were still focused on their primary job of representing Britons.

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However, the plans were dropped in March with the Government describing such limits as “impractical”.

Instead it said it would support reforms to “restrict the type of outside work which MPs are able to undertake”.

Chairman of the parliamentary standards committee Chris Bryant said it was important the Government took steps to clamp down on second jobs.

He admitted being “irritated” by the lack of action so far.

“We want to tighten the rules on second jobs to put an end to MPs acting as paid political consultants or strategists,” he told the Guardian.

“We want to require MPs to have a contract for any outside work stating they cannot lobby ministers or officials on behalf of their clients.”

Susan Hawley, executive director of the charity Spotlight on Corruption, added: “Members of Parliament are paid by the taxpayer to do a job – to represent the interests of their constituents.

“Unfortunately, the system we have today fails to properly ensure that MPs concentrate on the work they have been elected to do – that has to change.”

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