Missiles & bombs to fall on Ukraine within minutes of order – Expats told to leave NOW

James Heappey urges British citizens to leave Ukraine

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Armed Forces Minister James Heappey has urged Briton to get out of Ukraine with a chilling warning that “minutes after Putin gives the order, missiles and bombs could be landing on Ukrainian cities.” It comes amid fears the Kremlin could order Russian troops into action along the Ukrainian border at any minute. 

Mr Heappey told Sky News: “The Foreign Office have has a website, running for some time, which has allowed British nationals in Ukraine to register their details and thus allow the Foreign Office to communicate directly with them.

“But let’s be clear today we are beyond the time where I’m advising people to register on a website.

“I’m being very, very clear to people that they should leave Ukraine now.

“Whilst there are the commercial means to do so and whilst the motorways are available for them to drive out over the border.

“This isn’t a warning about something that could happen in three months’ time.

“This isn’t a warning that will be followed by further warnings because greater imminence has been reached. This is a warning because minutes after Putin gives the order, missiles and bombs could be landing on Ukrainian cities. British citizens should leave now, whilst they have the opportunities to do so.”


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