Michel Barnier GLOATS about Brexit as ex-EU chief claims UKs withdrawal was success

Brexit is a 'failure' for the EU says Michel Barnier

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The former European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms referred to Brexit negotiation as “a real battle” and claimed the move was carried out in “respectful” collective means and successfully “saved the single market”. The commentary about Britain’s break away from the EU was referred to in his recent column alongside reference to carbon tax.

He said: “The Brexit negotiation was a real battle. It was respectful, carried out collectively with the support of the 27 States of the Union and of the European Parliament, in transparency vis-à-vis governments and citizens, but it was a battle.

“We saved the single market, which was threatened, a crucial market for France and all of the 27, for our businesses and our jobs.”

The European Union’s former Brexit negotiator gloated about the success but also expressed his favour for the introduction of a carbon tax at the borders of the EU, one of a series of “other battles” he claims “await us in Brussels”.

He said: “The stakes are massive: stop being naive in international trade, accelerate the ecological transition, regain France’s full sovereignty in the energy sector.

“These battles will have to be fought and won. It is about our taxes and the public debt, the competitiveness of our companies and the energy transition in France, in Europe and in the world.”

The introduction of a carbon tax at the EU borders is a move the French politician considers “absolutely essential”.

He said: “A carbon tax at the borders of the Union is absolutely essential, not only for financial reasons, but because it will restore fair competition between Europe, which now taxes carbon heavily, and trading partners who do not tax it, or very little.”

The basis for his motive comes as “the taxation of carbon emitted by large industrial centres has been effective” in recent moves, and this motion would combat the issue of fairness from competitors like “the States located in the Asian and American continent”, who “continue to produce without taking into consideration the climate emergency”.

The introduction of the tax would hopefully prevent the wave of relocations that could ensue, which Mr Barnier addressed by saying: “Only a carbon tax at the Union’s borders, immediately applicable to all imported products according to their carbon footprint, can restore fairness in global competition and reward our efforts on climate.”

The plan had been broached in a Commission proposal from July 14, and was described as a “carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM)” with Mr Barnier saying the proposal was going “in a fairly good direction”.

However, he identified that several States were reluctant to the introduction, and exemplified how important he thinks the introduction would be.

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He stated: “How could Europe hesitate in the face of a project which, built around trade fairness, would have the effect of pulling the rest of the world towards more virtuous behaviour in ecological matters?

“We must lead this fight for the border tax with immense determination, without delay, and win it.”

Michel Barnier also expressed his desire for France to address a new European Commission project called “taxonomy”.

He states that this regulation “which is supposed to classify energies according to carbon emissions, excludes nuclear energy from the European green label”, a point which the politician referred to as “madness”.

He stated that if the classification remained in place then funding would be diverted from the nuclear industry and related industries, and he called for action against this by saying “France must refuse it.”

He said: “I want France to regain its sovereignty in terms of energy choices and strengthen the role of nuclear power as a decarbonised stabilising energy and vector for the electrification of our economy.

In all these areas, it is France’s vital interests, its sovereignty, its competitiveness and the future of our planet that are at stake. To wage these battles and win them, France must regain its influence in Europe.”

Inspector General for finances, François Asselineau made reference to the comments made by Mr Barnier for the latest instalment of UPR TV.

In a tweet to almost 103k followers, Mr Asselineau said: “Barnier confirms my analyses! It is the European Union that prevents us from doing what the French want.

“In fact, “the rule of law” is opposed to “democracy.”

“For 2022, don’t buy the misleading double-talk of the pro-EU candidates!”

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