Macron doesnt believe in anything French President savaged amid mounting Frexit fears

Emmanuel Macron portrait smashed by protestors in Poitiers

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According to quotes from Gaël Tchakaloff’s latest book, ‘As long as we are both’, the former French President lambasted Mr Macron over his political beliefs. Mr Hollande was reported to have said: “Politically, [Emmanuel Macron] is nothing, he sprinkles a pinch of each political colour depending on the day, in a clever dosage.

“He does not believe in anything, he has no conviction.”

He added: “He is not very cultured, he has a popular culture.”

The scathing comments come as the French President is facing a barrel of criticism in France over his last four years of presidency.

Frexit campaigners have ramped up calls for France to leave the EU blasting Mr Macron over his capitulation to Germany and Brussels.

Generation Frexit leader Charles-Henri Gallois has been relentlessly praising Brexit Britain’s success as proof France should follow suit and free itself from Brussels’ shackles.

Les Patriotes leader Florian Philippot has also been calling for France to leave the bloc.

Recently, former French Foreign Affairs Minister Roland Dumas, who served under President Francois Mitterrand, said: “Our big mistake was to make Europe.

“Submission to the Germans and the Americans.”

Mr Macron has also been criticised over his decision to introduce a health pass to enter restaurants and cafes across France.

And his response to the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan proved to be yet another thorn in his side, with politicians blasting his pledges to let more refugees into the country.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, Member of Parliament for Essonne and President of Debout la France said: “The right of asylum is misguided and uncontrollable!

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“It is out of the question to accept Afghans on our soil, when we already have an incredible number of them who do not fit in at all! Enough of the migratory madness.

“By opening the door to Afghan refugees, Macron undermines the security of the French. Madness!

“The 10,000 Afghans who enter our territory each year were not enough apparently.

“There are many countries between France and Afghanistan that can accommodate them.”

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