Lord Frost savages EU over attacks on free Brexit Britain Dont want us to succeed

David Frost: EU sometimes appear to 'not want' UK success

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Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator used his speech in Lisbon, where he is unveiling a plan to renegotiate the Northern Ireland protocol following months of chaos, to slam how the Brexit process has been made increasingly difficult by the “unwillingness” of the bloc to get back to good relations with the UK

He told the audience how the EU have shown this through numerous cases in the past 18-months as tensions have soared.

Lord Frost slammed the bloc for their behaviour during the vaccine blockade saga along with their actions in spreading concern over the Oxford Astra-Zeneca vaccine.

He went on to put Brussels in the crosshairs as he took aim at their attitudes towards Northern Ireland and the chaos that has erupted their with trade.

The Brexit chied also added how “generalised accusations” to the UK have also hampered relations as he described how it has often felt the EU simply don’t want Britain to succeed.

The comments come as Lord Frost set out his post-Brexit vision for Britain with five key areas of interest.

He said: “First Brexit has changed our international interests and hence will change our patterns of European relationships. Not necessarily fundamentally – but significantly.

“Second that Brexit means competition. We will be setting a different path on economic policy. Third that Brexit was about democracy. It is a democratic project that is bringing politics back home.

“Fourth that the EU and us have got into a low equilibrium somewhat fractious relationship. And it takes two to fix it. And fifth, fixing the serious problem we have with the Northern Ireland Protocol is a prerequisite for getting to that better place.”

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