Learnt nothing! Starmer branded out of touch in Scotland –voter fury at Labour on Brexit

Labour will not form coalition with SNP says Keir Starmer

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Senior Nats also hit back at recent comments made by leader Sir Keir Starmer on Brexit when he stressed there was “no case” for Britain to rejoin the European Union in the future. Kirsten Oswald, deputy leader of the SNP at Westminster said: “Labour recorded its worst-ever result in Scotland this year since the abolition of the property franchise in 1918 – yet it seems they have learned nothing since their overwhelming rejection in May.”

The East Renfrewshire MP also pointed to a YouGov survey of Labour party members which revealed most across the UK backed a second independence referendum.

The June poll revealed 55 percent of Labour Party members support a referendum on Scottish independence in the next few years, including a majority of those who voted for Starmer as leader.

Alongside this, the Nat also claimed polling proved there remained widespread support among Scots for EU membership.

A March survey carried out by Opinuim revealed 53 percent backed rejoining the EU after don’t knows were taken out.

She continued: “These figures clearly show that not only is the Labour Party leader still completely out of touch with the people of Scotland, he seems to be out of sync on a UK level and with his own party members too.”

The UK Labour leader recently used a visit to Scotland to urge politicians north of the border to focus on the “really pressing priorities” of coronavirus and climate change, not the constitution.

Sir Keir also said any future cooperation deal between the Scottish Government and the Greens do not change things one bit regarding the prospect of a second independence referendum.

This is despite the fact that any deal between the two parties would expect to cement the pro-independence majority which exists within the Scottish Parliament.

Sir Keir also urged the Scottish Government and the UK Government to take their heads “of out the sand and make the necessary investment and commitment” in renewable energy.

Responding to the comments, Ms Oswald added: “It was made clear on Keir Starmer’s visit to Scotland that he and the Labour party have nothing positive to offer Scotland.

“Indeed, the best he could do was patronise our largest city and suggest Scotland’s enormous renewable energy potential couldn’t thrive without Westminster control, even though, along with the Tory Party, they have presided over a charging regime that holds the industry back.

“The reality is Scotland is vulnerable under Westminster control.

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“The only way we can secure a strong and equal recovery, and ensure our country reaches its full potential, is through a referendum and by becoming an independent country inside the EU.”

But Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar accused the SNP of making “broken promises” and focusing on the wrong priorities after being reelected in May.

The Glasgow MSP added: “The SNP promised to focus on recovery, but there’s no sign they’ve even started yet.

“Their time in government has been defined by delays, broken promises, and a gulf between their spin and their action – and it seems we can expect more of the same this term.

“In the final days of the campaign they put forward a weak imitation of Scottish Labour’s message, vowing to work in the national interest – but in just 100 days they have broken promises on everything from tackling Covid to rebuilding our NHS to delivering green jobs.”

A UK Labour source added: “The SNP should be ashamed of themselves, they are distracting from their poor record of delivering key election promises.

“They should be focusing on recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic not trying to put forward a second separation vote.”

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