‘Key issue on the doorstep!’ Tory MP calls for troops to patrol France over migrant crisis

LBC: Caller says Priti Patel should build a 'huge facility' for migrants

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Craig MacKinlay, Conservative MP for South Thanet, spoke to Jonny Dymond about how to deal with the rise in migrant crossings on BBC’s The World This Weekend on 21 November.  He said: “It is a key issue on the doorstep, I can tell you that. 1,185 came in on 4th November, only 10% were actually stopped at sea by the French authorities.”

“We have got to stop the viability of the route, there are a number of ways we can try and do that. We have tried to do that by giving the French £54 million.”

The Conservative MP continued: “We thought by giving the French money they would be able to patrol the borders for us, that’s obviously working to a point but not working anywhere near good enough.

“I’ve suggested a couple of measures of the past month, we should perhaps be returning straight back to France those who whose made it to the British shores.”

“How about this as another one, we’ve got Poland who have been very receptive to getting international help for strengthening up it’s Belarus border, why don’t we make a very generous offer to the French authorities and say you are struggling how many troops do you need to patrol these 100 miles of beach and stop this from happening.”

Despite November’s weather conditions, a record 1,185 migrants reach UK shores on one day alone.

In a statement issued to the Telegraph, Priti Patel said this month’s migrant crossing vowed “we must do more”.

Ms Patel, who succeeded Sajid Javid at the Home Office after Boris Johnson became Prime Minister in the summer of 2019, added: “I want to go further and faster and that’s why I will be holding talks with Monsieur Darmanin this week”.

It is understood the Government is concerned the number of migrant crossings may spike next spring due to the warmer temperatures, while there are also no current viable policies available to stop them.

Mr Johnson is also thought to be worried that nearly two years on from his election, nothing has been resolved. A source told The Times: “Boris is exasperated.

“He sees this as one of his biggest priorities and he’s concerned that after two years there are still no viable solutions.

“He’s told ministers to redouble efforts to fix this, no matter how difficult it is.

“If it looks bad now, it’s going to look much worse in spring when it’s warmer.”

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In July, Ms Patel signed a £53million deal with the French government to increase patrols.

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