IDS launches attack on Sunak as China poses a threat to UK security

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Conservative MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith has criticised Rishi Sunak over his approach to China, warning that the country “poses a threat to every element of what we do”. He questioned Mr Sunak’s “robust pragmatism” strategy ahead of the Prime Minister’s foreign policy speech, being delivered to the Guildhall this evening. Sir Iain said: “I don’t agree that we want ‘robust pragmatism’ – what we have to recognise is China is posing a greater and greater threat to the way we live our lives.

“It’s guilty of genocide in Xinjiang, it’s guilty of cracking down on Christians, it threatens Taiwan, and it is damaging the world economy by its ludicrous position of Covid lockdowns.

“China poses a threat to every element of what we do.”

Speaking to the Telegraph, he added: “Just exactly how much more evidence does the Prime Minister need to see that his pledge in the summer to recognise it was a threat now needs to be acted on?”


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