Greedy VDL blasted as new law gives EU unprecedented power This could be dangerous

Angela Merkel avoids handshake with Ursula von der Leyen

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Britons hit out at the news of the power grab, warning that it could be “very, very dangerous”. The new law, which is currently being put through the legislative process, would give the EU the ability to impose counter-sanctions on individuals, companies and entire countries, allowing the bloc to fight back as an entity against or for one of its members. The draft law would have major impacts for global powers China, Russia and the USA, as it would deter them from imposing sanctions on the EU or any of its nations.

Responding to the proposals, one reader, Geedward wrote: “This could be very very dangerous.

“The leaders of countries usually have constraints on their actions, but the EU leaders, unlike even America and to some degree Russia and China have none.

“Look how VDL sparked instant trouble over the vaccine scandal, having made her declaration of vaccine war against UK BEFORE she was brought down to earth AFTER THE EVENT when the damage was done.

“If VDL or other greedy elites are to become DICTATORS not in name, but in fact, which they are angling to become, war will soon follow.

“None of their leadership are well balanced sensible leaders.”

A second reader, themanfromtharl, said: “This is what the EU intended to do. Create a dictatorship run by unelected bureaucrats.”

Meanwhile, Magical Merlin questioned why the bloc is seeking out such power in the first place.

He wrote: “The question people should really be asking is…. WHY do they need this power.

“If it’s all unicorns in the meadows of EUtopia.. why is there the need for such an enforcing sledgehammer?”

A fourth reader, SanjayP, hit out at the EU, calling it a “master at economic blackmail”

While TheRicardo added: “The EU has always been the master of its regions, and now it is becoming a nation.

“The provinces need to be dissolved and made to swear allegiance to the EU.”

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Both Germany and France have backed the idea, signalling that it is likely to be approved.

Germany has said the move, which would be the biggest foreign policy power gain for the EU in decades, would be an “evolution of the EU towards a European federal state”.

The federalist EU “superstate” has also become an increasing possibility since the UK left the bloc, freeing Brussels from UK blockers, but some member states have hit out at the proposals.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki labelled the plan a “dangerous utopia”.

He said: “We say that the creation of a single European state, ‘the United States of Europe’ is a kind of utopia, a dangerous utopia that cannot be constructed solely on the basis of legal assumptions and the extended competences of individual institutions.

“Here our voice may be weaker or stronger, but the more we speak to common sense and show that these differences not only cannot and should not be ‘equalised’.”

He added this “would impoverish the European heritage” and would lead towards “a very dangerous experiment with many utopian features.”

Meanwhile, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, French far-right leader Marine Le Pen and head of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party Jaroslaw Kaczynski released a joint statement in defiance against the proposal.

They said they would not support “a Europe governed by a self-appointed elite”, adding that “only the sovereign institutions of the states have full democratic legitimacy”.

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