Gordon Brown takes aim at Truss, Sunak, Johnson: ‘Parliament should be recalled NOW

Gordon Brown quizzed on whether he’d work in Starmer’s cabinet

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Regulator Ofgem has announced the average family energy bill will rise to £3,549 per year from October as energy bills soar due to the war in Ukraine. Monthly energy bills will rise from an average of £164.25 to £295.75. Ofgem CEO Jonathan Brearley said the regulator has “no choice” but to raise the price cap, but acknowledged that the news would be “worrying for many”. However, Boris Johnson has announced families will receive “extra cash” in September.

He told Sky News: “There’s a pipeline of cash coming through over the next few months and through the autumn and the winter.

“But that is clearly now going to be augmented, increased, by extra cash that the Government is plainly going to be announcing in September.”

Prices are higher than they have been in four decades with inflation currently at 10.1 percent.

Former Labour Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, who led the country through the financial crash of 2008, has called on Boris Johnson, as well as the next Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister, to work together as the UK faces a “moral crisis”.

The 71-year-old, speaking on The Political Party podcast with Matt Forde on August 8 at the Edinburgh Fringe, said action is needed “now”. 

The former Chancellor of the Exchequer said he never imagined Britain would see again in his lifetime. 

Mr Brown was asked what politicians should be doing to alleviate the problems caused by the cost of living crisis. 

Mr Brown said: “It’s their first duty. The poverty we’re seeing around us and the poverty we’re going to see from October – because energy prices are going to go up dramatically is something that I never thought we’d return to in my lifetime…”

Mr Brown continued: “One of the reasons I wanted to be in politics is to do something about [unemployment and poverty]. 

“But I never thought we’d be back to these conditions. 

“You’ve got children going back to school ill-glad and hungry. You’ve got pensioners having to choose between feeding themselves and feeding the metre. 

“You’ve got nurses – this is what’s outrageous – you’ve got nurses having to queue up at foodbanks after doing a back-breaking shift at the hospital.

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He added: “There’s only so much charity can do… They cannot make up for the loss of benefits that poor families, particularly pensioners, but also families with children are facing. 

“And we’re going to this crisis, it’s a moral crisis because it’s about our duties to other people.

“And I’m saying this week there has got to be an emergency budget, it’s got to be soon. 

“I know Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson don’t really get on, and I’m not sure they’re going to talk to each other ever again, but they should get together this week, agree on an emergency budget.

“And if they don’t I think Parliament should be recalled immediately because this is a national crisis that needs emergency action and it should happen now.”

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