GB News: Nigel Farage told Boris Johnsons advisers didnt want Brexit to happen

Nigel Farage doesn't believe Rwanda plan will stop migrants

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Catherine McBride, a free-market economist and fellow at the Centre for Brexit Policy, voiced concern at the speed at which the UK had negotiated and implemented its recent trade deals. Since leaving the European Union, Brexit Britain has signed bespoke trading accords with Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Negotiators are also eyeing-up more deals with Canada, India and several US states.

However, Ms McBride said it was “crazy” such deals have taken 18 months to agree.

She told the ex-Brexit Party and UKIP leader: “I’m sorry they didn’t do this two years ago. I’m not sure. COVID-19 did get in their way.

“Some of the things they are doing, like they are putting through the two trade deals, the Australia and New Zealand trade deals.

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“But they’ve been negotiating those deals for the best part of 18 months so we won’t see any trade from that before this time next year probably.

“Which is kind of crazy, and even if you look at the trade deals, a lot of things that we could be importing, right now wheat price is very high, Australia could supply us with wheat.

“But they decided to only reduce tariffs over five years and they are going to keep a quota of only 80,000 tonnes of wheat for Australia and we import over a million tonnes of milling wheat.”

Ms McBride added: “I think that they’ve been advised badly, I think that their advisers didn’t want Brexit to happen.

“And I think they’re quite happy to keep the same regulations we’ve always had, it’s easy for them.”

However, not everyone in the Prime Minister’s inner circle has been against the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Before they left the Government in November 2020, Dominic Cummings, Lee Cain and Cleo Watson all came into Downing Street after campaigning for Brexit.

And other people who still work in Whitehall were brought in from the Vote Leave crew.

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Chloe Westley, who has worked in Downing Street since July 2019, worked as Vote Leave’s head of social media before advising Michael Gove’s leadership campaign in 2016.

Oliver Lewis, who took on the role of deputy chief negotiator and the Prime Minister’s Brexit adviser in 2019, also worked for the official pro-Brexit campaign as a research director.

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