GB News: Farage slams Tory migrant policy – International laughing stock!

Nigel Farage warns 'lights might go out in February'

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Home Secretary Priti Patel announced plans earlier this year to send those believed to have crossed the Channel illegally to Rwanda for processing.

However, the first flight set to depart for the East African country was grounded at the last minute following an intervention from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Speaking on Dan Wootton’s GB News show on Monday night, the former UKIP leader said the time had come to stop placing the blame elsewhere.

He said: “We need to stop pointing the finger elsewhere, stop blaming the French, stop blaming unnamed judges in the European court in Strasbourg.

“Stop blaming everyone else, stop even blaming the criminal gangs, let’s start blaming ourselves.

“Boris Johnson announced this policy if you remember back in April this year, since then 15,000 have come.”

When asked whether he believed Tory leadership hopefuls Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak had a plan, Mr Farage replied: “They don’t even want to talk about it.

“Too awkward, too embarrassing, too difficult

“The solutions are clear, the man who had a plan that worked was a fellow called Tony Abbott, the former Australian Prime Minister.”

Mr Abbott was PM of Australia from 2013 to 2015, during which time he adopted a strict migration policy turning away boats carrying refugees and asylum seekers before they reached the shore.

Mr Farage continued: “Neither of them [Ms Truss and Mr Sunak] will do anything to change this.

“The only minor victory this year was the National Crime Agency cooperating with other police forces, it did arrest 39 people, it did lead to fewer coming in July.

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“But be in no doubt, we’re at 20,000, by the end of the year it could be 50,000, it could be 60,000.

“Whilst it’s true that Keir Starmer has no answer to this whatsoever, the political point here is that Brexit and the 2019 Tory majority were on the back of one very big key policy.

“[That is] taking back control of our borders, and we are being made to look [like] an international laughing stock.”

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