Fatally underestimated! PM warning shot to barbaric Putin ‘killing children – Will fail

Boris Johnson slams Putin for ‘barbaric’ tactics in Ukraine

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Speaking in Warsaw, Poland, the Prime Minister vowed to continue to work with Western nations to ramp up sanctions on Moscow and leave Russia’s economy in tatters as punishment for its war on Kyiv. Mr Johnson warned Putin was using “barbaric and indiscriminate tactics against innocent civilians” and was prepared to “bomb tower blocks, to send missiles into tower blocks, to kill children, as we are seeing in increasing numbers”.

Lashing out at the Kremlin, the Prime Minister praised Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s “leadership and courage” saying he had united the West in tackling Russia.

“I think he has inspired and mobilised not only his own people, he is inspiring and mobilising the world in outrage at what is happening in Ukraine,” he said.

Western allies have imposed crippling sanctions on Moscow over the past week as it punished Putin for his war on Ukraine.

The Russian economy has suffered devastating consequences from the strict measures imposed so far.

The rouble – Russia’s national currency – dropped as much as 40 percent against the dollar yesterday, although the currency clawed back a bit of ground this morning.

Sanctions have also severely hit the stock market, with $250billion wiped off.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation was forced to hike up interest rates from 9.5 percent to 20 percent to try and stabilise the economy amid the sudden collapse.

Conflict in Ukraine has now entered its sixth day, with Putin ramping up its attack on the European democracy in the face of staunch resistance.

On Sunday the Russian dictator suggested he has placed the country’s nuclear deterrent on high alert.

Overnight it also feared Moscow used chemical weapons on civilians in Ukraine in a desperate bid to gain the upper hand in the war.

Western officials believe that so far around half of the Russian forces that had been ringed around Ukraine’s borders have been committed to the assault on the country.

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