Ex-UN ambassador swiftly destroys Nicola Sturgeons Brexit claim on Scottish independence

Alex Cole-Hamilton blasts Sturgeon over independence referendum

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Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon once said it would be “democratically indefensible” for Scotland to leave the EU if it voted to stay in. Brexit is a huge impetus for Ms Sturgeon’s wish to become independent.

Sir Mark Lyall Grant, former National Security Adviser to both David Cameron and Theresa May and former UK ambassador the UN, told Express.co.uk that: “Scottish independence would be much more damaging to our international status and influence than Brexit could be.”

The UK Government has so far been successful in pushing aside SNP calls for another referendum, but Ms Sturgeon is still unequivocal in her plans to hold a second referendum before the end of 2023. This is despite Scots voting to stay in the UK in 2014.

Ms Sturgeon said last week she seeks to provide an alternative to being governed “by parties at Westminster that we don’t vote for and right now that is by a disreputable, discredited government and a Prime Minister, frankly, with no integrity, no shame and no moral compass.”

Sir Mark cited his time at the UN, during the 2014 referendum, and the understanding he has of global players and their influence. He said the importance of being a permanent member of the UN Security Council should not be overlooked.

He said by removing Scotland, we would remove part of the population, part of the economy and maybe have to change the name of the country.

He said that Scottish independence would mean a loss of part of the population, part of the economy and require a change of the country’s name and flag. He continued: “Some would then no doubt question our continuing right to permanent membership of the UN Security Council. None of this applies to our leaving the European Union.”

After Brexit, the UK is still a member of hugely influential international organisations such as NATO, G7, G20 and Commonwealth. By being a member of these the UK has huge global assertiveness to respond to powers such as China and Russia assertiveness and to attend summits such as the G7 and COP.

Earlier this month, the SNP leader said to the BBC she would do everything that is within her power to give Scotland a vote on its independence. She believes support for independence is rising. She continued: “Scotland too often ends up with things imposed upon us – Brexit, for example.”

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