Everyone get a gold medal! Nigel Farage slams A-level results in furious GB News row

Farage slams handing out of ’gold medals’ for A-levels

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In a heated argument with school head Christine Cunniffe, of the independent LVS Ascot School, Mr Farage erupted at how many A-level students have received A and A* grades compared to last year. He branded the handing out of the stellar grades as “ridiculous” and insisted that by teachers granting school leavers such good grades in place of exams, they are not preparing them for “real life”. But Ms Cunniffe hit back defending the results and insisted the move is in light of an “extraordinary circumstances” of the past year due to the Covid pandemic.

Mr Farage slammed: “In the space of two years we have nearly doubled the number of A and A* grades – that is ridiculous isn’t it!”

Mr Cunniffe hit back saying: “It may be ridiculous but that is because we have had two extraordinary years, it is bound to happen!”

But Mr Farage furiously interjected, saying: “So are we that much cleverer! Are our students that much cleverer now than they were two years ago!?”

The head insisted: “If you go back two years ago there were still real issues with exams then… and I think the whole thing needs to be looked at.”

The Brexiteer added: “It represents the most extraordinary increase!”

But the head teacher wasn’t having any of it, she said: “Can I just butt in! These children have been disadvantaged of two years of absolute chaos!

“It is not ideal, it doesn’t differentiate, but what would you have done yourself which would have been any different.

“Well Gavin Williamson says they should be rewarded for the difficult time they have been through at school!

“Give everybody gold medals, say everyone is a winner and isn’t that wonderful! Well life isn’t really like that is it!”

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