Every MP that has submitted vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is in 'quite a lot of trouble' says MP

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Boris Johnson’s name now appears alongside a collection of Downing Street officials who have failed to follow rules they developed and mandated for the UK in 2020 and beyond. He claims to have “implicitly” believed he was attending a work meeting when he joined Number 10 staff at a party organised in the office complex’s garden at the height of the Covid pandemic. The anger felt on all political fronts has become abundantly clear in recent days as the embattled Prime Minister risks having his position stripped by his own MPs.

The 1922 Committee of Tory grandees led by Sir Graham Brady controls the party’s innermost workings. It’s the port of call for those who wish to express their gripes with the present leadership.

MPs in the Tory ranks can send letters expressing a lack of confidence in the party leader, and 54 of these trigger a no-confidence vote.

Recent reports from within Westminster suggest Mr Johnson is perilously close to this threshold.

While only Sir Graham knows how many letters he has received, several MPs have made public calls for his resignation.

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Sir Roger Gale

Sir Roger is the longest-serving MP to have called for the PM to resign.

He signed on in 1983 as the member for North Thanet and has served as a lifelong backbencher.

The grandee sent in his letter of no confidence after finding Mr Johnson fell short in his apology.

He told the Daily Mail: “This is the guy who at the despatch box on December the eighth said, ‘I am convinced that there have been no parties in Downing Street,’ when actually he attended one of them.

“He misled the house. And that, in politics, is a very serious offence.”

Andrew Bridgen

One of the most surprising revelations came from Andrew Bridgen, who said he had written a letter to the 1922 Committee this week.

He joined the Conservative benches in 2010 and has since served as a prominent Brexiteer.

Most notably, he is a member of the European Research Group (ERG) of Conservative MPs most opposed to the EU, who Mr Johnson counted on for his successful leadership bid in 2019.

However, he has since declared the Prime Minister has “lost moral authority” to lead the country.

His decision followed a “pattern of behaviour” that indicates the Government believes “they can do what they want”.

MPs from the 2019 intake

Accounting for approximately a dozen letter entries are MPs signed on by the party in 2019.

Approximately a dozen reportedly met on January 18 and decided to deliver letters to Sir Graham.

Their decision was met with fury from Conservative cabinet members, according to the Times.

Their plot was “pretty sickening”, claimed one cabinet minister, adding they were “f***ing nobodies” only elected because of Mr Johnson.

Christian Wakeford

One of the MPs from the 2019 intake was Christian Wakeford, who assumed control of Bury south with a slim 0.8 percent majority.

Mr Wakeford announced he signed a letter of no confidence for the Prime Minister on Monday and followed with a more devastating announcement on January 19.

He defected to Labour, becoming the first Conservative MP to do so in 15 years.

At the same time, he delivered a damning indictment of the party that helped him win.

He said it was “incapable of offering the leadership and government this country deserves”.

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