EU is an expensive dictatorship Fury over Russian official blasting crushed Britain

Brexit: David Williamson discusses the fallout of leaving the EU

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Readers of reacted furiously after the words of a former Russian ambassador to the UK came to light. Alexander Yakovenko’s words became public through ‘Shadow State: Murder, Mayhem, and Russia’s Remaking of the West’, a book written by journalist Luke Harding. Published in 2020, Shadow State suggests the Brexit vote was backed by the Kremlin, with an aim to weaken Britain.

Specifically, the book indicated that Russia may have funded the campaign for Brexit.

According to Mr Harding’s book, speaking to a fellow diplomat, Mr Yakovenko said: “We have crushed the British to the ground.

“They are on their knees, and they will not rise for a very long time.”

The comments sparked rage among readers of, who rushed to express their fury in the comment section.

“The only thing that was crushing Britain was been part of the very expensive dictatorship called the EU,” wrote someone with the username Jdan.

“Britons will never be slaves, to anyone, listening Vlad?” wrote another, with the username Narcangel Sophialogos.

Gadgetmate wrote: “If & I mean IF it’s true then they did us a favour and it’s backfired as we are now a stronger nation.”

Someone with the username CasalocoRTGP said: “Putin has made clear that it was in Russia’s interests for the UK to REMAIN in the EU, where its ability to compete in international trade was crippled.”

Under the username whitworth1, another mentioned: “In 2021 the UK was the 5th largest economy and Russia languishes about 11th so ‘crushed’ in 2016 seems rather way off beam even for old soviet style propaganda thugs.”

“In their dreams!” rushed to comment someone with username JL77.

While Jetster7 said: “Looks like another numpty here who haven’t taken history lessons not to know how the UK “crushed” Russia, via dogged determination the last time those two powers fought!”

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Finally, Ethelburt suggested that Russia has “managed to achieve the opposite of what they were hoping.”

They added: “If we were still in the EU we’d have Macron & Ursula speaking on our part and anything effective would be muzzled by them.

“Now it’s the UK which is free – and can take its own action – and the EU whose members seem to have run for the hills.

“Well there is Macron – still trying to sell other countries property.”

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