EU crisis: UK praised as Euro unfairness set to threaten future of bloc post-Brexit

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Former Australian Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson praised the UK for leaving the European Union and avoiding some of the key issues. While speaking to Jonathan Saxty from Brexit Watch, Mr Anderson insisted following Brexit, the EU may struggle to maintain a unified union. He added that the Euro remained a key problem as some member states benefited significantly, like Germany, while other economies suffered.

Mr Saxty said: “The European Union is concerned if Brexit is made to look good it will encourage more restlessness.

“Perhaps more semi-detached members to think well maybe leaving isn’t so bad, maybe for political reasons rather than economic ones.”

Mr Anderson agreed and noted the difficulties the EU has as a group.

He said: “That again goes to the heart of some of the things you were alluding to.

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“The EU’s capacity to find real union is really somewhat questionable.”

He also praised the UK for fighting to stay out of the Euro as he highlighted a problem that persists.

He said: “Britain stayed out of it wisely but the common currency, goodness me.

“It locks the people who are really struggling into trouble and turbocharges the economies that are strong.

“In Australia, there was a time when a German car cost vastly more than a Japanese car, it doesn’t anymore and the reason is the Euro.”

Mr Anderson also advised Boris Johnson to stand up to the EU and lead Britain strongly going forward.

He insisted the UK was a great global power and could thrive post-EU.

Mr Anderson said: “Leaders lead and Boris Johnson needs to, with absolute firmness and compassion without compromise, state his position.

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“I think he needs to do this in way that many British people respected him for so much in the past, he needs to get on with it.

“I feel odd to offer that because he is a much greater man than I am.

“But as someone who loves Britain and wants to see it sorted out for the sake of Britons but I also want to see it sorted it out for the rest of the world.”

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