EU chiefs slammed for splurging £400k of taxpayers’ cash – including £52k on propaganda

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And £45,000 was spent on EU-branded flags, sashes, USB memory sticks and packaging as part of an “outreach” programme by the Committee of the Regions. British taxpayers coughed up £52,000 for the EU’s spending spree because of the Government’s commitment to continue funding the bloc until the end of the year. German MEP Joachim Kuhs fumed: “The Committee of the Regions is nothing more than a glorified talking shop, so to see them spend money in this way is a slap in the face for taxpayers.

“To give extra screens to already pampered eurocrats, and use propaganda as patronage to bribe local politicians into shamelessly promoting EU identity at a time of crisis is beyond belief.

“No wonder the British voted for Brexit when EU institutions waste money like this with little accountability.”

Most of the money was used to purchase 800 computer monitors to improve conditions for employees forced to work from home during the pandemic.

The spending was signed off in a backroom vote by the European Parliament’s budget committee earlier this week.

Last month revealed eurocrats were planning to spend more than £1 million on stocking the EU’s history museum.

Brussels plans to fort on on business-class flights and hotels for couriers transporting “artefacts” from across the world to the site.

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The European House of History based in the the Belgian capital is home to Brexit-bashing items, such as former Labour Party MEP Seb Dance’s handwritten sign “He’s lying to you” used to taunt Nigel Farage.

There is also a UK-EU “always united” scarf worn by Remainers on the UK’s final day of membership.

The museum, which cost taxpayers £47 million, will spend a further £1.4 million fetching relics.

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Since opening in 2017, the EU-funded establishment has been previously described as a “house of horrors” and “an expensive, wrong-headed palace of propaganda”.

It has also emerged the bloc spent £23 million on circus acts in the last six years.

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