Elton John branded spoilt brat after Brexit rant as star urged stick to youre good at

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The Rocketman singer criticised the Government saying they are so “f***ing disgusting”. Elton John accused Mr Johnson’s Government of not making any provisions for the arts during Brexit. He told NME Magazine: “The Government didn’t make any provisions whatsoever for the arts during Brexit.

“They’re more interested in f***ing fishing! Now, don’t get me wrong – fishing is very important, but it brings in £1.4billion a year and the entertainment industry brings in £111billion.

“Nothing makes you grow than the experience of going and playing in another place.

“It’s so shocking, and it’s so f***ing disgusting.”

Now, Express.co.uk readers have lashed out at the five-time Grammy-award-winner with many branding him a “spoilt brat”.

One reader, Vizwhizz, commented: “Well, there is no surprise, from that spoilt brat, who seems to think he has a political voice!!

“Thankfully Boris is well-brought-up, unlike the disgraceful EJ, and would never be so rude and common.”

Another reader, ROMFT, added: “He is a good entertainer and should stick to what he is good at.

“Which is obviously not politics.”

BY1949 echoed: “Elton behaving like a spoilt little child.

“Go back to your singing leave the rest to those capable of thinking.”

Someone else, themanfromtharl, wrote: “Elton John is only coming out with these statements to keep himself in the news.

“Let’s face it he is a has been.”

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A fourth reader, imsopissedoff, said: “It’s the EU who want visas, have a hissy fit at them.”

With out-bloody-rageous commenting: “There was actually a period when EJ was relevant and one of the greatest performers in the world – although many of you – and probably some of your parents, were not even born then as it’s over 40 years years ago now.”

JJPLpool wrote: “Elton John. Go back to singing and playing an instrument or two.”

In his staggering rant, Elton continued: “As an artist, you learn your craft by playing live.

“I started out going to Europe; you’re in a different culture, which makes you a little fearful, but you embrace the culture, and the culture embraces you.

“[The current situation] is OK for Ed Sheeran and me, or The Rolling Stones – people that can actually afford to do this stuff.

“But for younger artists, it’s a crushing thing.

“We’re still trying to solve this problem; it’s a slow process because the Government is a slow process.”

His comments come after several leading organisations in the music industry wrote an open letter to the Government.

The letter criticised “misleading” new claims about the status of post-Brexit touring in Europe.

They called the Government’s latest announcement a “non-announcement of spin and misinformation”, regarding their ability to tour the world.

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