Dr Shola and Andrea Leadsom erupt in furious migrant row I am not lying!

Dr Shola and Andrea Leadsom in furious migrant row

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Dr Shola joined senior the Conservative Party MP to discuss the ongoing migrant crossings with Iain Dale on LBC’s Cross Question programme. Ms Leadsom fought back angrily at claims the Government was “gaslighting” the British public over the plight of migrants attempting to enter the country via the Channel. The pair clashed numerous times, repeatedly interrupting one another during a tense on-air row. 

Dr Shola told the senior Tory MP: Le me tell you that you’re gaslighting the listeners by suggesting that this government is trying to deal with the problem of traffickers by actually demonising the people who have been oppressed by traffickers.”

Ms Leadsom fired back: “Shola I won’t have you accuse me of lying which is what you are accusing me of.”

“It is a lie,” blasted Dr Shola.

Ms Leadsom snapped: “No! I am not lying.”

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The Tory MP added: “What this Government is trying to do is to prevent illegal movement to this country.”

Dr Shola argued: “The Government is not doing that!

“The Government is dehumanising refugees, demonising, the language they use…

“I mean how many, compared to other countries, how many migrants or refugees has the UK taken in?”

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She continued: “Each time we talk about migrant crossing, it’s always to paint them looking like people who actually you should have gone to a different country before you came to us.

“That’s not the point.”

“No, the point is they are taking their lives in their hands,” responded Ms Leadsom.

Dr Shola said: “They’re coming to us for a reason and when they come to us on their way to come to us, we should not be politicising the difficult choices that they’ve had to make.

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“But we’re doing that and we have politicians like you that want to gloss over it, making it look like well actually the problems are those traffickers. 

“Well, If the traffickers are the problem, why are you punishing the people who have been oppressed by those traffickers.”

Ms Leadsom fired back: “I’m not punishing anyone.”

Dr Shola snapped: “Yes you are!”

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