Dorries bombshell Boris book The Plot to drop days before Tory conference

Nadine Dorries Reveals Why She Decided To Step Down With 'Immediate Effect'

Tory MPs are bracing themselves for a new wave of scandal and intrigue for three days before their conference in Manchester this year when former Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries publishes her book on The Fall of Boris Johnson.

The best selling author’s latest publication is due out on September 28, just 12 months before the expected date of the next election and is set to see a number of scores settled with those who helped remove Johnson from office last year.

Ms Dorries has been a strong ally of the former Prime Minister and refused to serve under Liz Truss after he was removed and then became a leading critic of the Sunak government.

Last month shen announced she was stepping down as the MP for Mid Bedfordshire “with immediate effect” but is still in place despite the Privileges Committee attempting to sanction her criticising their procedures in investigating Mr Johnson.

Now the former Culture Secretary is set to get revenge on her opponents and those who undermined Mr Johnson in her new book.

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Ms Dorries has described her new book as “a political who dunnit!” pealing away the machinations and intrigue of the months around Partygate and the plot to assassinate Johnson’as Premiership.

Among those who may be feeling nervous will be Rishi Sunak whose resignation as Chancellor triggered the rush to the exit door of other ministers which brought Mr Johnson down.

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