Don’t trust them: Brexiteer warns of EU’s next trick to undermine UK after G7 ‘hijack’ bid

John Redwood predicts a 'bounce back' for the UK economy

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And the Tory MP for Wokingham also claimed the bloc’s efforts to enforce the Northern Ireland protocol would inevitably “alienate” large swathes of people in the region. Sir John was speaking after a weekend at which world leaders gathered in Carbis Bay for the summit – together with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel.

Referring to Mrs von der Leyen, Mr Michel, plus German Chancellor Angela von der Leyen, French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Sir John tweeted: “The five representatives of the EU failed to hijack the G7 to intensify their disruption of the UK internal market.

“What’s their next trick going to be as they seek to alienate the majority community in Northern Ireland more?”

His point, a reference to the ongoing controversy over the Northern Ireland Protocol, which Unionist critics claim has resulted in a border down the Irish Sea, clearly resonated with some social media users.

One asked: “Why on earth were the EU allowed to send 2 commissioners anyway, it was a summit of the top 7 nations?”

Paul Fald added: “The EU agenda is the break-up of the United Kingdom!”

Hareth Zahawi posted: “Totally agree and in future this hostile anti GB policy will surely backfire.”

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Mark Houston said: “The Ulster Unionist Party campaigned to Remain, but is resolute in it’s opposition to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

“Even those Remain parties who called for full implementation of it are starting to see the problems.”

However, others disagreed, with one saying: “Irish Republicans didn’t vote for Brexit or write the NIP, how is it that they are undermining British Sovereignty and not those responsible for agreeing to and implementing the deals we agreed?”

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Philip O’Connor posted: “Facts please. There were 2 EU representatives, 3 leaders of sovereign and independent member countries of the EU.

“The majority of voters in NI rejected Brexit, including UUP.

“Majority of NI want Protocol to work, and to benefit from continuing membership of CU and SM.”

Speaking to MPs today, Brexit Minister Lord Frost told MPs “all options remain on the table” in the row with the bloc.

He said: “We’d prefer to find negotiated ways forwards if we can.

”If that’s not possible, obviously other options remain on the table, as the PM said over the weekend.”

Asked about the uncertainty the row is causing for businesses, Lord Frost said: “There comes a point where the unsatisfactoriness of the current situation and the attempts to operate it contributes to the uncertainty and instability.

“And then a responsible effort to bring stability and certainty can improve the situation rather than make it more difficult.

“So obviously if we judge that’s the situation then we look at the range of options that might bring further stability.”

Asked about how frequently discussions were taking place, he added: “It’s happening all the time, it’s just that we are not making much progress despite all the ideas that we have put in.”

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