Diane Abbott suffers TWO embarrassing blunders amid anti-Boris speech at Labour rally

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Diane Abbott’s scathing attack on Boris Johnson’s Government was almost sabotaged by her repeated technical blunders. The former Shadow Home Secretary was speaking at the Socialist Campaign Group’s virtual rally. The Labour Party is currently holding its annual conference, although proceedings are entirely online this year.

Ms Abbott was introduced by fellow Labour MP, Bell Ribeiro-Addy.

She could be heard saying: “Thank you very much, Bell. Can you hear me?”

However, the former Shadow Home Secretary could not be seen on the live stream.

Ms Ribeiro-Addy replied: “Yes we can hear you, but I’m not sure I can see you.”

After a moment of fiddling, the Labour MP managed to resolve the issue.

She then went on to begin her speech, describing the last 12 months as “sad”.

Ms Abbott said: “There was a terrible general election result.

“It was not just a setback for the Labour Party, it was a complete tragedy for the communities all over the country who find themselves with Tory MPs for the first time and will simply not get the representation they need and deserve.”

The ex-Shadow Cabinet minister continued, slamming the Conservative Government and encouraging viewers to support a progressive Labour Party.

However she was interrupted yet again by another technical issue.

As Ms Abbott was speaking about the Government’s “failure to get a grip of the coronavirus”, her sound and video appeared to experience delays.

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The image of the MP froze on screen while her voice could still be heard.

After a bit, the sound also cut off and nothing could be heard.

However, this blunder also resolved itself as the screen un-froze.

Ms Abbott could then be heard clearly speaking about the struggling UK economy.

For the rest of the speech, the former Shadow Home Secretary managed to avoid anymore problems.

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