Dan Wootton slams lack of response to ‘dangerous eco-terrorists’ XR and Just Stop Oil

Jeremy Vine: Just Stop Oil protestor clashes with Geoff Norcott

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Since the beginning of the month, Just Stop Oil campaigners have staged protests at 11 fuel terminals in England and are blocking the tankers until the Government bans all new fossil fuel projects. The Campaign for Fair Fuel released statistics that show around one in three petrol stations in the south of England have been forced to close due to the action by the group.

Speaking on GB News, Mr Wootton said: “The eco-terrorists of Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion march on wreaking havoc on society by causing a third of Britain’s southern petrol stations to run out of fuel.

“The police and those in power seem to continue to shrug off this criminal activity by the delusional green extremists.”

Mr Wootton accused the police of standing “blindly by and allowing madness to continue” and then reiterated the clauses of the Terrorism Act 2000.

It states that: “Terrorism means the use or threat of action where the use of threat is designed to influence the government…and… the use or threat is made for the purpose of advancing a political…or ideological cause.

“Action falls within this subsection if it…involves serious damage to property…endangers a person’s life…creates a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or a section of the public or is designed seriously to interfere with or seriously to disrupt an electronic system.”

On Monday the Labour Party called for a ban effective immediately to block all Just Stop Oil protests across the nation.

Labour tweeted: “Motorists were already being hammered by prices at the pump, and now millions can’t even access fuel.

“The Government must immediately impose injunctions to put a stop to this disruption.”

Keir Starmer’s party wish for the ban to be imposed for protests at oil terminals and up and down Britain’s road network.

The party added: “An injunction would simplify police operations by enabling them to more easily make arrests.”

The Government has denounced the “guerrilla tactics” of the protestors, but a spokesperson for the Government said that Labour’s remarks were “nothing more than irresponsible scaremongering”.

They added: “Just Stop Oil protest activity at some oil terminals has led to short-term disruptions to fuel deliveries over the past few days.

“The police are working to remove protestors from sites so normal deliveries can resume.

“We are working closely with industry to ensure that supplies are maintained. The public should continue to purchase fuel as normal.”

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Mr Wootton added that the protestors have “set their cause back years by turning off ordinary Brits like me who acknowledge we must protect the environment but want to do so in a sensible, slow, and practical manner that doesn’t cripple our economy by rushing too soon into net zero.”

He called both extreme environmental groups “dangerous eco-zealots” who have already cost the country £1 million in police action, money that “this country doesn’t have” and questioned Priti Patel’s next move by warning it will only get worse “if they feel they can get away with it”.

A spokesperson from Just Stop Oil has accused the Labour Party and anyone who stands against their protests as “complicit in climate genocide”.

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