Cleverly warns Argentinians that Falklands arent up for negotiation

The Argentinians have tried to lay claim to the Falkland Islands again by dramatically withdrawing from a pact with the UK on the future of the islands. But at a “friendly” meeting in the G20 in India, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly warned that whatever Argentina does the islands are not up for negotiation.

Mr Cleverly met his Argentinian counterpart Santiago Cafiero on the fringes of the G20 for what was supposed to be a friendly discussion about mutual cooperation.

But instead the Argentinian minister torup the 2016 agreement on the Falkland Islands, 41 years after his country was defeated after trying to invade them.

A source close to Mr Cleverly said: “The chat was friendly and there was no bitterness from the war years ago but it was clear that the only thing the Argentinians wanted to discuss was a new roadmap for the ‘Malvinas’

“The Foreign Secretary madit clear that the future of the islands is a matter for the Falklanders and the matter is settled.

“He also pointed out that the Argentinas obsessing about this issue is a block for many other areas of useful cooperation between the UK and their country.”

But after the meeting, Mr Cafiero Tweeted to announce that his country was withdrawing from the 2016 Foradori-Duncan Pact which recognised the islanders rigt to decide.

Cafiero said: “Malvinas issue: Argentina notified the decision to put an end to the Foradori-Duncan Pact of 2016.

“I did it in a meeting with the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, James Cleverly, at the ministers summit of the G20 in New Delhi, India.

“The Argentine government has proposed to resume negotiations on the question of sovereignty and for this it promotes a meeting at the headquarters of UN in New York.

“I proposed an agenda of issues that, at a minimum, should be part of the negotiation process that we promote in accordance with the provisions of UNGA resolution 2065.

“In this way, Argentina complies with the mandate of the General Assembly and the United Nations Committee on Decolonization.

“We honor the commitment of the president Alberto Fernandez and of our government to support the Malvinas Question as a State policy.”

In his own Tweet, Mr Cleverly responded: “The Falkland Islands are British. Islanders have the right to decide their own future – they have chosen to remain a self-governing UK Overseas Territory.”

Minister for the Americas David Rutley added: “A disappointing decision after my constructive visit to Buenos Aires.  

“Argentina has chosen to step away from an agreement that has brought comfort to the families of those who died in the 1982 conflict.  

“Argentina, the UK and the Falklands all benefited from this agreement.”

The source close to the Foreign Sencretary said the UK would not be engaging in new talks on the islands.

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