Can’t just give in to Putin Boris demanding G7 step up as Ukraine support falters

Johnson's firm stance against Putin explained by reporter

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The Prime Minister is to meet with other G7 leaders in the 2022 summit to discuss strategy around pressing geopolitical concerns.

Mr Johnson is set to urge fellow global leaders to continue providing aid to the Ukrainian defence against Valdimir Putin’s invasion.

It has been reported that other nations are not as keen on pursuing the defensive effort in Ukraine, with some international powers suggesting President Zelensky should sacrifice Ukrainian territory to appease the Kremlin and ease global economic strain.

The Prime Minister has remained unwavering in his position as an ally of Ukraine as Mr Johnson is set to assert that Putin should not be pandered to and Ukraine should receive global backing from fellow G7 nations.

Reporter Paul Hawkins offered his perspective on the impending G7 summit as he reported live from Munich, where the meeting is being held.

Speaking on GB News, he said: “Boris Johnson is very much pushing for the other six members of the G7 to carry on contributing to Ukraine’s fight against Russia.

“There are some people talking in countries like France and Italy and Germany that perhaps it’s time to start thinking or making a move towards Ukraine ceding some territory towards Russia. 

“Trying to bring an end to the conflict so the world economy can recover, so grain supplies can increase so we can get a little more security when it comes to food and fuel.”

For months, nations across the globe have been strained by the economic consequences of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine, a major exporter of grain among other produce, has been unable to supply the international population as Moscow has blocked ports across that nation which are desperately needed to transport goods.

The lack of food imports from Ukraine has forced the price of food upwards across the world as supplies dwindle, adding to the already rising prices triggered by inflation.

As a result of this economic anxiety, some nations have suggested Ukraine should sacrifice national territories to the Russian aggressors in order to bring a swift end to the war and resume international trade.

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Mr Hawkins continued: “Boris Johnson is sticking to the line no, we need to hold the corner, we need to continue funding arms to Ukraine, we need to keep backing Ukraine in this war and we can’t just give in to Vladimir Putin. 

“The other world leaders and Boris Johnson himself, all the world leaders, they’re under pressure to try and find a way through this.

“To try and increase the supply of food, generally speaking, around the world, so the economies can recover.  

“Also, to reduce the reliance on Russian energy.”

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The UK, alongside other global powers, is certainly feeling the effects of international economic concerns, however, Mr Johnson has asserted that Ukraine should not be expected to fold to Putin’s demands as a method of economic resolution. 

A Downing Street statement ahead of the G7 summit said: “Any sign of fatigue or wavering in Western support for Ukraine will play directly into President Putin’s hands, the Prime Minister will tell world leaders this week at the first in-person gathering of G7 leaders since Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.”

The statement added: “ He will encourage all G7 countries to back Ukraine in the long-term, building on the significant pledges already made since February.”

Mr Johnson said: “Ukraine can win and it will win, but they need our backing to do so – now is not the time to give up on Ukraine.”

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